Women in Leadership: A Discourse Perspective


1st June, 2010 

Aston Centre for Interdisciplinary Research into Language and Diversity (InterLanD) present the seminar Women in Leadership: A Discourse Perspective, taking place on Tuesday 2nd June at Aston Business School from 1:00 - 4:15.

The seminar will be introduced by Dr. Helen Sauntson, lecturer in English Language at University of Birmingham. Dr. Sauntson researches in the areas of language, gender and sexuality, classroom discourse analysis and education. She is currently Deputy Head of the Language Discourse Society department at the University.


Professor Janet Holmes - Women and leadership discourse: the difference that ethnicity makes.

Prof Holmes is a Professor of Linguistics at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.  

Professor Louise Mullany - Women in leadership: discourses of the body.

Prof Mullany is Associate Professor in Sociolinguistics at the University of Nottingham. Her main areas of research specialisation are sociolinguistics, pragmatics and discourse analysis.

Dr Judith Baxter - Women leaders as archetypes: Challenging the discursive boundaries.

Dr. Baxter is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at Aston University and is focusing her current research on the relationship between language, gender and leadership in education, business and professional contexts. She is also currently conducting an ESRC research project entitled ‘Leadership Talk and Gender in Senior Management Business Meetings in the UK’, running until January 2011.

Attendees will then have the opportunity for discussion and to ask questions.

The seminar will take place in Conference Room 3 at Aston Business School. Tea and coffee will be provided. If you would like to attend this event please contact Baljeet Jhheent on b.jhheent@aston.ac.uk.