Understanding the vision of emerging entrepreneurs

Dr David J Hardman MBE, CEO, Birmingham Science Park Aston; Dr Jagannadha Pawan Tamvada, lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Aston Business School
Dr David J Hardman MBE, CEO, Birmingham Science Park Aston; Dr Jagannadha Pawan Tamvada, lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Aston Business School
14 June 2011

A lecture featuring high-profile speakers which aims to help business leaders achieve their vision and mission is to be held at Aston Business School this Wednesday (June 15).

The event, themed Leading Thinkers, Leading Visions, will discuss how innovation and entrepreneurship contributes to corporate prosperity and how ambition and positive thinking can drive forward our recovering economy.

The event will feature three prominent speakers, all experts in their respective areas of work, each representing one of three participating organisations – Aston Business School, Birmingham Science Park Aston and the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA).

Dr Jagannadha Pawan Tamvada, a leading researcher on entrepreneurship at Aston Business School, will deliver a presentation titled ‘Entrepreneurial Team Start-ups’.

Dr Tamvada, an award-winning lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Small Business economics, who has been with Aston Business school since October 2009, said:

“Innovation and entrepreneurship are at the heart of the Government’s agenda to help create a more prosperous and sustainable economy, one which can benefit us all in the longer-term. Together, through sharing knowledge and good practice, as well as networking, we can create a brighter future.”

From the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA),its Director of Innovation, Investment and Growth, Dr Robert Crawford will deliver a presentation entitled ‘Public Support Programmes for Innovation and Growth: Do they work?’

Dr Crawford CBE, who was Chief Executive Officer at Scottish Enterprise and Chief Operating Officer at the South East of England Development Agency as well as working at the World Bank, will discuss his experience in creating and running innovation and economic growth support programmes  in the UK and elsewhere will argue that the record is at best mixed with information sharing about what works and what doesn’t generally poor.

He said:

“Although it pains me to say it the most charitable thing one can say about public support for innovation and growth is that it is a curate’s egg and in the case of the UK has been characterised by a constant shift in focus and priority.”

Dr David J Hardman MBE, who is Chief Executive Officer of Birmingham Science Park Aston (BSPA) will reflect on the strengths of Birmingham and the wider West Midlands region in his address. The title of his presentation is this: Science Park without Walls: Engaging with entrepreneurs and developing high technology businesses regardless of geography to drive borderless innovation valley?

Dr Hardman, who remains committed and passionate about his ‘science park without walls’ concept, has been working tirelessly in developing the ICT, gaming, digital media and clean technologies agendas, in a bid to reflect the strengths of the city region.

Dr Hardman said: “Developing entrepreneurial and high growth businesses is essential for the future of the Birmingham, indeed the UK economy. Our Park is associated with 150 businesses with our technology incubator operating at 95% occupancy. Our new strategy looks to take advantage from our city centre location and address the needs of Birmingham’s present and future entrepreneurs.”

The event, which is free to attend, will take place from 12 noon to 2.30pm on Wednesday 15 June, at Aston Business School. It will also include a Q & A session, as well as networking and lunch.

To register your free place, please contact Patricia Bradshaw in the Events Office on 0121 204 3297 or email p.bradshaw@aston.ac.uk

Any journalist or photographer wishing to attend, or for any media enquiries, please contact Dhiren Katwa at Aston Business School on 0121 204 4954 or email d.katwa1@aston.ac.uk