Kairos Entrepreneurship Global Summit

Mike Bandar
Mike Bandar

2 March 2011

Aston University student Mike Bandar went state side to attend the Kairos Global Summit 2011, which this year took place in New York.

The annual conference sees 350 of the most innovative and entrepreneurial students from the United States, China, India, and Europe meet 150 of the world’s most influential and globally impactful leaders.

Over the course of two days, these current and future world leaders gathered at the United Nations and New York Stock Exchange to explore humanity’s most pressing challenges, develop sustainable and entrepreneurial solutions to these problems, and unveil 50 of the most innovative student startups that are working to change the world. Several important figures attended the event, including both political and industry leaders.

Mike, said: ‘I’m very pleased to have been invited to attend this event, purely being selected is a great honour and hugely encouraging. The Kairos event offered a fantastic opportunity for me, not only to represent myself, but also business partners and the University on a global stage. It was a great chance to  network with some of the most influential leaders of our time and I’m excited by the opportunities that may arise from this event in the future. Also simply the location was incredible; it’s not a daily occurrence to be attending a meeting at the New York Stock Exchange.’

Upon returning from New York, Mike will be continuing his final year studies in Management & Strategy and his strong involvement with Aston’s Entrepreneurial Society.

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