Aston launches 2020 Strategy

Aston University campus

24 February 2012

Aston University has launched its 2020 Strategy document, which outlines its plans over the next eight years to ensure its continued responsiveness to the needs of a changing world while remaining true to its original purpose as a Higher Education institute.

With its focus on the application of knowledge for economic and social benefit, Aston University has a distinct mission that sets it apart. From our foundation as the Birmingham Municipal Technical School in 1895, through the granting of University status in 1966, to the present day we have retained our focus on this core purpose.

In 1889 Technical Instruction Act sought to enable great industrial centres, like Birmingham, to set up colleges:

“for instruction in the principles of science that are applicable to industries and employers”

In 1966 Aston University’s Royal Charter brought that purpose into the modern era in establishing Aston as a University:

“to advance and apply learning for the benefit of industry and commerce”

In the new University strategy, Going Forward to 2020, Aston will maintain its responsiveness to the needs of a changing world whilst remaining true to the distinctive, original purpose.

Our focus brings real benefits- delivering social mobility by helping students acquire the skills, confidence and knowledge they need to make a successful career in business, industry and the professions, enabling them to explore and fulfil individual potential; fostering their initiative and creativity as responsible global citizens, imaginative thinkers and researchers and successful entrepreneurs. We thrive on close collaboration and partnership with businesses, large and small at local, national and global levels.

At Aston we are dedicated to developing the people and the ideas that will shape the businesses and communities of tomorrow.

Our Mission is

To be the UK’s leading University for business and the professions, where original research, enterprise and inspiring teaching deliver global impact

Our Vision is

In 2020 Aston will have an international reputation as the source of the people and the ideas that will shape the businesses and the communities of tomorrow

View the full 2020 Strategy document.