Aston bucks the trend for graduate employment


5 July 2012

92.1% of Aston University Graduates have found employment or taken up further study, up from 89.1% in 2011 and better than the UK average of 90.3% across all universities.

Data released this morning by the Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA) has been eagerly awaited by both universities and by students, as it demonstrates which institutions are best at helping their graduates find that all important first job.

The data covers several areas, but the most discussed is that covering first degree leavers who studied full time.

Later in the year data will also be released which looks at the proportion of graduates going into graduate level jobs, currently Aston is the best in the UK outside London on this crucial measure – beating even Oxford and Cambridge.

Aston University continues to buck the trend for employment, and graduate level employment for a number of reasons.

The Sunday Times summarised Aston’s position by saying:

You will struggle to find a university in Britain more keenly attuned to the needs of business and industry

Aston University pioneered the sandwich placement year, enabling undergraduates to spend one year working in business or in a profession. In 2012 the placement year has proven more popular than ever, with nearly 70% of Aston third years ‘on placement’. Many graduate to a job with the company they were placed with.

Aston has introduced a university wide ‘Languages for All’ programme for incoming students, enabling them to benefit from free foreign language tuition which will help them to stand out in the global jobs market

And Aston really encourages and supports entrepreneurship, with Apprentice finalist Nick Holzherr being just one example of a range of Aston graduates who are building a successful future.

Nicola Turner Director of Employability at Aston University said ‘we are dedicated to helping Aston students get on. We have an amazing range of programmes to help them, an entrepreneurial mind set to spur us on, and unparalleled links to businesses large and small in the UK and beyond who want to recruit Aston graduates’

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