Engineering students work with Aston Villa Football Club

28 August 2013

Engineering students were given the opportunity to work with Aston Villa Football Club Academy, after it approached the University for help in developing new biometric training equipment.

The students' project required designing and manufacturing a prototype that measured stresses and strains on the feet through force switches in a training shoe. Using wireless technology the team used a circuit board mounted to the trainer which then transmitted data to a laptop.

The team of Tristan Collen, Malik Eijaz and Rich Ogden designed everything from creating the circuit boards through to the products overall look and design. The aim was to add to the football club’s existing technologies which include 3D scans for measuring stresses and strains to knees and elbows.

Tristan, team leader of the project said; “The planning of the project was key to our success and we were delighted with the outcome of our prototype. Our final prototype used a PCB approximately one by 1.5 inches mounted onto the shoes. There was one transmitting board per shoe and one master receiving board. The changes on the foot were sent via a wireless connection from the foot to a module worn on the waist, which was then sent to the data logger.

It took three weeks of planning, designing, and testing, for the group to come to a final design for the shoes. At the end of the project the team demonstrated their work to AVFC who felt that the project was a great success.


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