Engineering graduates enjoy business software success

LearnAware team

25 July 2013

Three Computer engineering graduates from Aston University are celebrating the launch of their innovative education software company after a successful trial period.

Graduates Kyle Johnson, Mohammad El-Hilu, and Tom Stuart have launched their company 'LearnAware', which develop management solutions for educational institutions across the UK.

Their flagship product 'SchoolEvents Pro' is a cloud based events system that allows end users to organise and manage events such as parent's evenings and trips all online. The product is aimed at colleges and both primary, secondary schools.

The group initially started with a pilot scheme at four schools in Northamptonshire, which was quickly followed by nine additional schools following recommendations.

The budding entrepreneurs later attended the Education Show at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) where they managed to sign up around a further 60 schools for a free trial.

Kyle Johnson, BSc in Computing for Business, said; "In this digital era, what is key is feasibility and ease of use. We felt that more emphasis is needed to be placed on usability. The management of events should aim to reduce the time where parents or guardians can book within minutes rather than hours or even days."

"SchoolEvents Pro removes the need for paper and solves the issues that come with the traditional registration for school trips and events, such as lost slips and lack of communication;" said Tom Stuart, BSc in Computer Science 

Mohammad El-Hilu, BSc in Computing for Business, added; "Online management of communication and payments is something schools are looking to branch into. Going forward we are hoping to develop a complete product suite to ease administration and allow schools to take advantage of cloud-based solutions. We aim set the standard in cloud based event management for schools."

LearnAware has already featured in a 2 page article for British American Media's national magazine: Graduate Guide an article centred on graduates starting up a business.

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