Top 10 finish in Shell Eco-marathon

EAS hydrogen powered car

24 May 2013

Aston Engineering School students competing in the Shell Eco challenge finished 9th overall in the hydrogen fuel powered concept car category.

The competition, held in Rotterdam, Holland, brought together around 200 teams and 3,000 students from across the world. The aim was to design, build and test ultra-energy efficient vehicles with the aim to travel as far as possible on just 1KWh or 1-litre of fuel.

Aston’s eco car was built using a combination of wood, rubber and plastic and included plywood suspension and even plywood wheels. A new type of hydrogen fuel cell was also installed.

The competing EAS students were; Nick Walsh Atkins, Adam Mascord, Ross Mcalister, Asad Akhtar, Jake Willcocks, Joe Greenfield, Ross Ferreira, Shakib Ahmed, Paresh Patel, Jon Burgess

Nick Walsh Atkins, team leader said; “Participating was great fun and challenging at the same, which made the experience even more worthwhile. Every member of the team has worked extremely hard from the very start designing right up to eventually competing on the track. We would like to thank both staff and students for their continual support throughout the competition.”

Last year, the Aston team won the Eco-Design Award for creating a hydrogen fuel cell car that left leave a 'lasting impact' on the judges forpushing the boundaries of sustainable driving and car design.


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