Lecture explores technological revolution

Inaugural Lecture

16 January 2014

A distinguished Aston University professor widely respected in the field of photonics will deliver his Inaugural Lecture next month. 

Professor David Webb will give the lecture, entitled ‘Making Light Work’, on February 4 from 6pm in the Sumpner Lecture Theatre. He will showcase how research conducted at Aston University is pushing at the boundaries of existing technology. 

The lecture will touch on how the development and utilisation of photonics has become hugely important, evidenced by the European Commission identifying it as a ‘Key Enabling Technology’. 

The photonics sector is an increasingly significant source of employment. Within Europe there are over 5,000 photonics based small companies and the industry employs nearly 300,000 people, who are starting to bring about rapid changes in manufacturing, healthcare, lighting, displays and sensing. 

The professor will explore the nature of these changes and move on to posit whether we may be on the threshold of a technological revolution pushed forward by photonics. The scope of the revolution is massive and could enable measurements to be made in previously inaccessible environments, ranging from the bottom of oil wells to the inside of tumours. 

I am delighted to be given the opportunity to deliver my Inaugural Lecture on a topic I believe to be of the highest consequence

Professor Webb said: “I am delighted to be given the opportunity to deliver my Inaugural Lecture on a topic I believe to be of the highest consequence. Photonics is a massive growth area and we have only just touched the surface of its potential.” 

Since joining Aston University in 2001 as a Reader in Photonics at the Aston Institute of Photonics Technologies, Professor Webb has written for numerous publications and is a founding Director of photonics consultancy, Astasense Ltd. He was made a Professor in 2012.

 The lecture is open to the general public and there is no entry charge. Refreshments will be provided beforehand and a buffet afterwards. Registrations can be made here.


To book a seat, register here or for further information please contact Emma Sutton on 0121 204 4542 or email events@aston.ac.uk