Bespoke print company founded by students

Peter and Jayne Printing

15 July 2014

A bespoke print and design company which provides a specially tailored service has been set-up by two Aston University students.

Peter Connolly and Jayne Reilly set-up Peter and Jayne Printing last year. They design and print a wide range of clothing and promotional material, including t-shirts, hoodies, flyers and posters.

To mould their service to each client, Peter and Jayne set themselves two objectives at the start of every consultation. Firstly, they want to understand how their customers visualise their end product by discussing a range of printing options, textures and styles. They then strive to fully realise and deliver that product.

Peter, a final year English Language student, said: “Central to our company’s ethos is the determination to ensure our customers are happy. We really do care about providing them with the best service and print and design solutions possible. So far, feedback has been very positive and we hope to continue satisfying people in future.”

Central to our company’s ethos is the determination to ensure our customers are happy

Peter and Jayne Printing was formed when Peter created a student discount card for use in participating pubs in Digbeth. He realised it would be more cost effective to purchase the printing machinery needed to make the cards and advertising flyers and so the company was born.

Fellow  final year Aston student Jayne, who is studying Sociology, soon joined and they began developing their business’s customer focussed approach.

Shortly afterwards, they were accepted on to the Birmingham Skills for Enterprise and Employability Network (BSEEN) programme, an Aston University led initiative dedicated to supporting students and graduates who are setting-up businesses by offering mentoring, workshops, business grants and workspace.

The BSEEN team, who are part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, discussed Peter and Jayne’s long-term ambitions, concluding they would need more printing equipment to expand their enterprise. They then gave them the necessary funds to purchase that equipment.

Peter explained: “Prior to our inclusion on the BSEEN programme, I had never studied Business in any capacity. It has been such a great help. Without the support and training we received, I would not have considered self-employment as a viable graduate career route at all.”

Last month, Jayne became a member of the BSEEN project team. She will draw on her experience as a BSEEN graduate to help support other business start-ups

Jayne said: “When the opportunity to work at BSEEN arose, I was delighted. I like supporting students and graduates – I find it very rewarding. I like the side of things people don’t often see – helping entrepreneurs with finance, talking through business plans and marketing campaigns. I feel like I can empathise with the people we assist as I was in the same position.

“Peter will run our business now but I still intend to help out whenever I can. He has some great ideas to take the company forward on to the next level. It’s going to be very exciting to see.”

After graduating, Peter will focus his efforts on expanding Peter and Jayne Printing. He intends to move the business into new offices and take on more staff to meet rising demand for his services.

Visit the Peter and Jayne Printing website here. Visit their Facebook page.


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