Student launches UK's first Bitcoin marketing agency


30 June 2014

The UK’s first marketing agency for businesses that deal with online currency Bitcoin has been launched by an Aston University student.   

Joshua Blatchford founded Bitnewt earlier this year to help promote new Bitcoin start-up companies who are struggling to gain national recognition. 

He hopes Bitnewt, only the world’s third Bitcoin marketing firm, will be able to capitalise on the large amounts of money being invested into the Bitcoin industry. Even business luminaries, such as Sir Richard Branson, who paid £17.8m for a stake in payments processor, Bitpay, are being attracted to the burgeoning virtual currency market. 

Bitcoin has been the subject of much interest since its inception in 2009. An internet-based currency which allows users to buy goods and services online, it is supposedly easier and safer than sending money via more traditional means. Using Bitcoin to pay for items also means avoiding credit card, foreign exchange or cash handling fees. 

Final year Marketing student, Joshua, said: “Some of the best business minds in the world are just starting to see the potential Bitcoin has to change the world. The biggest challenge we have at the moment, however, is helping new Bitcoin start-ups winning the trust of the wider business community. 

“It is vital we develop a brand that people can trust and develop a strong relationship with. At Bitnewt, we believe that regular engagement with the community is the single best way to gain acceptance and confidence of customers.” 

Bitnewt offers all its clients customised marketing plans, helping to create strong, easily identifiable brands and build creditable reputations. 

Joshua added: “I saw this as an opportunity to really help lots of bright and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. I am happy to say that Bitnewt has been really well received and we have continued to work on bigger and bigger projects.                                      

"We now have a team of very creative people to help meet demand for our services and we hope to carry on expanding in future.” 

Bitnewt currently employs an account manager, graphic designer, copy writer and an animator, allowing it to provide for any client request. 


By Carly Clyne