Graduate film company dedicated to social causes

Ravinol Chambers

11 March 2014

Social causes across the world are being supported by an Aston graduate’s cutting-edge media technology company. 

Ravinol Chambers founded Be Inspired Films with the intention of helping social enterprises and charities produce videos to demonstrate their impact and enhance their profile and reputation. 

Be Inspired Films has worked with big name brands who are committed to improving social conditions and the environment. They collaborated with Deutsche Bank to publicise their Born To Be youth engagement programme, aided Deloitte’s Community Investment project and count the environmentally minded Ben and Jerry’s as clients. 

Ravinol, who studied for an MBA at Aston Business School (ABS), said: “I made my first film in East Africa in1995 to highlight the plight of impoverished people. I was deeply inspired by the power films have to tell a story and make a difference. 

“I had worked on a variety of social impact projects around the word before deciding to set-up Be Inspired Films in 2007. We are dedicated to making films for people and businesses who are trying to change the world for the better, ranging from charities to social enterprises to big corporates using their resources to help the communities they work in.”

We are dedicated to making films for people and businesses who are trying to change the world for the better

Social responsibility initiatives, whereby businesses and people act to benefit society at large, have become increasingly commonplace. Many business schools, including ABS, now incorporate sustainability and corporate ethics modules. 

Ravinol explained: “My Aston MBA gave me a lot of confidence and experience as well as added credibility with my target audience. I can now go and have a conversation with anyone at a strategic level and help them move their business or charity forward.” 

“Even if companies don’t have big budgets, which many organisations struggle to muster, we still want to help them tell their stories – especially if those stories can make a real difference to peoples’ lives.” 

Be Inspired Films has been delivering professional video production tutorials since 2009, offering affordable planning, filming and editing training to those who may not be able to afford to commission films to be made on their behalf. To date, the company has trained more than 5,000 people. 

Ravinol said he hopes to reach an even wider international audience by making films for the Olympics and future global climate change conferences. 


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