Astonishing Academic Awards celebrate staff

Astonishing Academic Awards

24 March 2014

A celebration in honour of the dedication and commitment of Aston’s academic staff was held by the students they teach. 

The ‘My Astonishing Academic Awards’ is organised to mark the appreciation of Aston for their teachers, tutors and lecturers. More than 65 members of staff were nominated in categories deemed important to students, including ‘Most Motivational Academic’, ‘Best Personal Tutor’ and ‘Most Influential Academic’. 

Students selected their favourite academics from an array of different subjects and disciplines, with the results announced at a special ceremony attended by the nominees in the Students’ Union Hall. 

Jake Delaney, Vice-President of Education and Welfare at Aston Students’ Union, said: “It was a great occasion, giving all students a chance to nominate, vote for and thank their lecturers and tutors for the amazing work they put. It was lovely to see how touched the academics were by the praise they received and how much the event meant to them and students alike.” 

It was lovely to see how touched the academics were by the praise they received 

Nominations for the awards were sent in anonymously by students, who also included a testimonial to their chosen academic. One testimonial, dedicated to Dr Tim Grant, Director of the Centre for Forensic Linguistics, read: “He really has been a big influence in my decision to try to work in forensic linguistics after university. His passion and dedication is second to none. Before joining Aston, I wasn’t aware of the field. Now, I have a deep desire to work hard and make a career in it because of Time.” 

Jake, who organised the event, added: “Having read each of the nominations, it was truly astonishing to see the impact our academics have on their students. From being available outside normal hours to visiting the other side of the country to allow a student in hard circumstances, they are deeply committed to helping as much as possible.” 


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The list of ‘My Astonishing Academic Awards’ winners can be found below: 

Most Motivational Academics: Robin Clark (EAS), Nathan Ridout (LHS), Raquel Fernande (LSS), Paul Bocij (ABS) 

Most Influential Academic: Tim Grant (LSS), Ryan Murphy (ABS), Anthony Hilton (LHS) 

Most Inspirational Academic: Michael Konecny (EAS), Karen West (LSS), Laura Gee (ABS), Lindsey Marshall (LHS) 

Most Memorable Lecturer: Paul Topham (EAS), Jens-Uwe Wunderlich (LSS), Roger McDermott (ABS), Ed Walford (LHS) 

Most Engaging Academic: Ashok Chowdhury (LHS), Lucy Rackliff (EAS), Graeme Hayes (LSS), Judy Scully (ABS)

Best Personal Tutor: Anna Grosman (ABS), Peter Hedges (EAS), Pete Reddy (LHS), Nathalie Mrgudovic (LSS) 

Best Use of Feedback: Chris Jones (ABS), Victoria Hudson (LSS), James Wolffsohn (LHS) 

Best Use of Technology: Juanjo Jimenez Anca (LSS), Mark Dunne (LHS), Matt Davies (ABS)