Student inventor launches his own app

Jeeven Bisal

19 May 2014

An enterprising Aston student who created his own photo-sharing app is hoping it will develop into the latest social media craze.   

Jeeven Bisal launched WOWIE, which stands for Words Of Wisdom Inspire Experiences, earlier this year. The free app allows users to take and upload pictures for others to view and comment on.

 The app, however, is quite different to popular competitors such as Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. Unlike its rivals, Jeeven intends for WOWIE to motivate and inspire people to achieve their goals and realise their ambitions.

 Users register an account with the app and upload images of people, sayings, places and things that they feel inspired by and passionate about. These images can be appreciated with a ‘smile’ in the same way as a ‘like’ on Facebook. 

Photos can be posted to one or more of seven categories, including Words of Wisdom and Magic Moments, and numerous effects can be added to them. 

WOWIE has a totally different concept than other apps or websites. It’s very positive and aspirational

Jeeven, a second year Business Management, said: “WOWIE has a totally different concept than other apps or websites. It’s very positive and aspirational. The idea for the app came to me one morning when my little brother was moaning about going to school. I realised it has become natural for people to look at their phones first thing in the morning. If the first things you see are inspirational, positive images it can spur you on through the day. 

“The reaction to the app has been brilliant. It has received really good reviews and even got a mention from Stephen Fry on Twitter. I’m delighted.” 

WOWIE has already been downloaded hundreds of times on the Apple App Store, exceeding Jeevens’s expectations of how it would initially fare. He now hopes the feel-good app will breach the Store’s Top 50 Chart. 

Plans to develop the app for the Android phone and tablet market are progressing and Jeeven, who took five months to create WOWIE, is in the early stages of designing an accompanying website. 

To download WOWIE for free, please see here. 


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