Free Photonic workshop for businesses

Photonics laser

3 February 2015

A free workshop event is being held at Aston next Thursday (12 February) to help SMEs learn how they can exploit photonic technologies in order to help with technical innovation.

The event aims to explain the science behind photonics, to understand how the technology is being used in industry already and most importantly, how photonics might help your business grow.

Photonics is the science and technology platform based on the use of photons (particles of light).  It is one of the fastest growing research and technology areas. Photonics-based applications include telecommunications, data storage, optical imaging, medical diagnostics and many others. Photonics is a crucial enabling technology that can be used to can improve process control for manufacturing companies in the West Midlands.

Aston University has strong expertise in this field with a successful history of transferring this knowledge to SMEs. This project will help to raise awareness by giving local businesses the opportunity to learn how photonics can fundamentally change their existing technologies and help their business to grow.

The event on 12 February will start at 9am to 2pm with lunch provided. The free event will allow you to discover more about photonics and find ways of leveraging technical expertise to help your business. Topics will include:

•An introduction to photonics, technology demonstrations, photonics in industry and some case studies

•Advice on the level of support available through ERDF, collaborative working and other funding sources
The project is funded by the West Midlands European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) which is managed by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

Please register here to book your free place.