Aston backs 'More Canals Than Venice' film

more canals than venice

27th January 2015

More Canals Than Venice, directed by Birmingham film-maker Steve Rainbow, explores 100 facts about Birmingham from the invention of plastic, lawn tennis and the Industrial Revolution to the founding of the Football League.

The film has had great success with a number of screenings across Birmingham, over 10,000 views online in just three days and being shortlisted for the Best Factual Programme category in the RTS Midlands Centre Award.

On completing the film, Steve held an exclusive screening of the film to thank the people that had helped him on the way, which was where he began talking to Aston’s Director of Social Responsibility & Sustainability, Carole Parkes.

Steve Rainbow, director of the film, said: “We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone who saw the film and thanks to Carole Parkes and the kind sponsorship from Schools and Colleges Liaisonat Aston University and the King Edward Schools Foundation, we are now able to distribute a copy to every senior school in Birmingham, promoting the city to the key citizens of the future."

Carole Parkes, Director of Social Responsibility & Sustainability at Aston Business School, said: "When I saw the film, I immediately thought that this was something we should have at Aston because as a proud Brummie, it tells the amazing history of Birmingham and the illustrious people who lived here and still live here."

Speaking about what makes Birmingham great, Steve added: "As well as Alexander Parkes and plastic, radar was invented here, the Spitfire was made here, the original Mini, the Football League started here, lawn tennis was invented here and Cadbury was founded here."

"Before that, the Industrial Revolution started here in Birmingham with James Watt and Matthew Boulton- probably one of the most influential things to come out of any city at any time. Birmingham was a city of enlightenment, it was the epicentre of enlightenment at that time."

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