Entrepreneur's business meets music world


22nd January 2015

An International Aston graduate has developed a unique business designed to enhance professional relationships in the music business.

MSc International Business graduate Victoria Masso is the founder and director of Meraki Sound that promotes high quality music and supports music professionals to network with their clients.

She developed the business after realising that many people wanting to acquire music online are often left with poor quality recordings. Her business allows customers to target the right music professional who can produce a high quality recording tailored to the client.

Victoria, founder and director of Meraki Sound, said: “The music business model seems outdated, causing huge losses for music professionals and creative talents. People think they can get quality music cheaply but the difference between a good quality recording and a cheap mp3 is huge. I want to educate people to these facts as well as helping them and music professionals, who don’t always have a strong on-line presence, find each other easily.  That was very much the thinking behind Meraki.”

Victoria, originally from Venezuela, is sponsored by the University on a Graduate Entrepreneur Visa. Since its start up, the business now has a team of nine including a new Director, Carlos Mosquera. They include engineers, composers, musicians and producers from Norway, Venezuela, Mexico, UK and USA. Some of which are of the highest calibre belonging to the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra, from Venezuela. One of the pieces (‘The Liberator’ movie) where Erik Swanson and Carlos Mosquera, currently part of the Meraki Team, worked was short listed for the Oscar Nominations and nominated for the Golden Reel awards 2015.

Victoria praised Aston University and the BSEEN programme, which helps start-up businesses, for helping her to launch her company. The scheme led by Aston University is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and is a collaborative initiative between Aston University, University of Birmingham and Birmingham City University.

She added: “At Aston it’s all about what you’re going to do with your degree afterwards- they don’t stop helping you until you get a job, a great link up between education and the professional work place. This was one of the main reasons why I chose Aston, fantastic assistance and encouragement for all their students.”

Victoria hopes that Meraki continues to grow as a brand ultimately achieving its goals in educating people on music and providing their customers with high-end recordings, becoming a stamp of quality where clients can find the best of the music industry in one place. The business is off to a promising start, being featured as a British Council case study


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