Students build three-seater hydrogen racing car

Shell eco 2015

20 May 2015

An innovative three-seater hydrogen powered car has been developed by Aston undergraduates for the annual Shell Eco-Marathon Europe competition.

The Engineering and Applied Science students have designed and created their vehicle, with materials including, eco-friendly fibre, high density foam and fibre glass. The vehicle, made to be light and compact is the first in the competition to have three seats and will be officially unveiled at the competition in Rotterdam. The winner of the competition will be the team that travels the furthest on one litre of hydrogen fuel.

The Shell Eco-Marathon challenges student teams from across the world to design, build and test energy efficient vehicles. This year, the competition is being held in Rotterdam, Netherlands for the final time, from 21 to 24 May before it arrives to London next year. The event aims to inspire young engineers to push the boundaries of fuel efficiency.

The team of ten students headed by final year mechanical engineering student Shaun McCleland, forms a module strictly ran by students.  

Project leader Shaun, said: “This whole experience has been extremely challenging but fun. We developed a three seater car to assess extra passenger potential for our hydrogen car. We have had exceptional support from our lecturers and it has been a pleasure to lead this project. It’s one big learning environment. Hopefully hard work pays off during our time in Rotterdam!”

The Eco-marathon dates back to 1939, when Shell employees in the USA made a wager over who could travel furthest on the same amount of fuel. 


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