Students win STEM Technology Category

STEM Awards

19 May 2015

Aston University undergraduates have been presented with the Telegraph STEM Technology Award, creating an electronically programmed bra to support the posture of pregnant women.

The Telegraph STEM Awards are a unique opportunity for science, technology, engineering and mathematics students to share their ideas to some of the most influential companies in industry. The competition for STEM undergraduates offers the chance to win £25,000 and a mentoring programme from Babcock.

The Engineering and Applied Science students invented a back posture correction bra that informs the wearer to correct their posture via a gentle vibration. The Postura bra is specifically for pregnantwomen with aims to prevent back pain while correcting posture through programmed electronic components.

Having initially created the product as part of a module project to improve the NHS primary care, the five students scored the highest grade of their cohort and decided to build on their success with Postura.

They said of the experience: This has been a great experience, allowing us to apply and test ourselves outside the borders of university education. The challenge and competition is healthy and there is a lot of encouragement and support from colleagues, lecturers and the University in the process.”

The team will now compete against four other categories, being judged by a panel of expert judges including,co-presenter of Channel 4’s Countdown Rachel Riley and Peter Rogers, chief executive of Babcock International Group.  The overall winner will be announced on 23 June at an awards ceremony in Central London.

Members of the team include: Simon Gangar (Mechanical Engineering), Karun George (Mechanical Engineering), Amarpal Singh Gill (Mechanical Engineering), Sadia Imani Khanum (Industrial Product Design) and Julian Leroy Manners (Electromechanical Engineering).


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