Professor to explore how the human eye sees

Tim Meese

18 November 2015

In his free Inaugural lecture, Gazing in at gazing out, ProfessorTim Meese, will show how researchers in the field of psychophysics can delve into the early stages of the visual processing stream to gather information to help us understand how we see. 

Tim Meese is a Professor of Vision Science at Aston University's School of Life & Health Sciences as well as the Director for the University's Centre for Vision and Hearing Research and also the Director of the newly formed Aston Laboratory for Virtual Environments (ALIVE).

Everyone knows what cosmologists do: they gaze out into the sky to see the secrets of what’s out there, matching observations with theory to understand how the universe came about. Visual psychophysicists are motivated by a similar sense of wonder - but the universe they want to understand lives inside the human brain.

This lecture will show how psychophysics has been used to see into the very early stages of the visual processing stream, where the ‘atoms’ of vision are very different from the rich visual experience that they deliver when we open our eyes, and where competing theories have been pitched against one another to help us explain how vision works.

Inaugural lectures showcase the research of Aston’s recently appointed Professors. They are an opportunity to learn more about the exciting, and ground-breaking research being carried out by academics across the University. 

The Aston Inaugural, Gazing in at gazing out,is free and open to all. It will be held at the Sumpner Lecture Theatre, Aston University Main Building, on Thursday 3rd December at 6.30pm. Registration with tea and coffee from 6pm with a free buffet to follow the lecture.

Register your place here or for further information please contact Emma Tromans on 0121 204 4542 or email