Peer mentors recognised for outstanding support

Peer mentoring awards

2 June 2016

Students from Aston University were recognised for their outstanding support to their fellow students at an awards evening in May. 

The annual peer mentoring celebration and awards evening is an opportunity to thank and reward students for their hard work and commitment to the scheme. The 2016 celebration saw the award of Undergraduate Peer Mentor of the Year go to Shah Ahmad and the Postgraduate Peer Mentor of the Year to Sandrine Tunezerwe. 

Shah Ahmad’s mentee said: 

“Shah has been the most helpful and caring mentor with plenty of golden advice to dish out, easily threatening any agony aunt for their position and giving them a run for their money! He made it his job to make sure that we had a good talkative relationship from the start so it was easier for me to approach him with potential problems in the future. 

“There have been many occasions where I would seek advice from Shah on the best ways to revise and handle workload since I would be stressed out from the pressures of keeping up with the demanding modules. Shah has gone above and beyond my expectations of having a mentor. I have friends who wished they had him as their mentor. Shah has become a good friend and role model and has really set the bar for me on becoming a good mentor.”

Sandrine Tunezerwe’s mentee said: 

“Being mentored by Sandrine is one of the best things that I have from Aston. She has been a very professional mentor, she was very active in approaching me to ask about my problems and she was always there for useful advice and support. She listened to me very carefully before giving any opinions, she kept me calm and she was very enthusiastic. 

“I am much more aware of the meaning of mentoring and I am ready to be a good mentor in the future. Sandrine is not only a mentor, she is a true friend of mine at Aston. With her kindness and care, I became much more confident and I really treasure the friendship with her.”

The peer mentoring scheme brings together students from different year groups to form one-to-one mentoring relationships. For mentees, the scheme provides a great source of support from someone who is a few steps ahead in their university career. Meanwhile, mentors develop transferable skills, meet new people and gain experience for their CV.

Peer mentoring is open to all students, with opportunities to become a mentor, mentee or both. For more information, please contact: