Google Digital Garage comes to campus

Google Digital Garage

24 March 2016

Aston Business School was delighted recently to partner with the multimillion pound initiative Google Digital Garage to host a series of pop-up events on campus.

Google Digital Garage is an initiative designed to help 200,000 British businesses learn crucial skills for the digital age; they aim to show business owners how using the power of the internet could enable to them to reach more customers and grow faster.

Earlier this month, Aston Business School hosted an exclusive Digital Garage pop-up event on campus for SMEs and entrepreneurs to learn how to reach more customers online. Over 100 businesses signed up from across the region, from start-up companies to established SMEs.

Jo Ind, Google Digital Trainer, shared her expertise on the cornerstones of digital marketing. She explained how to make a business more visible online and offered insider tips on using online marketing tools to reach prospective customers.

Previously, the School hosted a similar event open to all Aston University students, which proved so popular it had to be split into two sessions in order to accommodate all those who wanted to attend.

This session, which was recorded live and is available to view here, enabled students from all disciplines to learn about the importance of digital for businesses and for their own future careers. Attendees received top tips on building a business online, and building a website that works for all audiences. Trainer Jo was also able to help students understand search and the customer purchase journey, as well as show them how to tell their story online, by utilising social media and making the most of meaningful content.

Psychology student Harkierat Ranautta, said:

I found the session even more interesting, eye-opening and useful than I had anticipated I would. Having a talk such as this open to all students was really very beneficial. Even if I do not set up my own website, just being aware tools such as Google Analytics exist will definitely help anyone in the future!” 


The student event was recorded live and is available to view on YouTube at