EAS Students showcase placement achievements

10th November

We recently held the Engineering & Applied Science Placement Showcase, which was an opportunity for EAS students returning from placement to showcase their placement achievements. 

It was a great event for the returning students, and also for first and second year students looking for placement inspiration. Prizes were given out to the students who produced the best posters from each subject group:

Chemical Engineering
1ST = Rosemary Deverall
Runner Up = Maxamed Cismaan
Runner Up = Maryam Olubodun

Logistics and Management
1ST = Lauren Bayliss
Runner Up = Andrew Clarke
Runner Up = Mathew Ebbs

Construction Project Management
1ST = Chi Law
Runner Up = Ryanpal Bassi
Runner Up = Przemyslaw Nowacki

Electronic Engineering
1ST = Tristan Fleet
Runner Up = Mathew Snowdon
Runner Up = Colin Wint

1st = Anthony Waite
Runner Up = Callum Campbell
Runner Up = Wajaad Aziz

Well done to everyone who took part!