Aston PhD Researcher presents at Women of the Future Conference

Women of the Future Conference 2016
23rd November

Reham Badawy, a PhD student from Aston’s School of Engineering and Applied Science was recently invited to attend the Women of the Future Conference as a Role Model. Reham made the trip to the John Innes Centre in Norwich, where the event was held. 

The conference, which took place on Wednesday 2nd November, was a one-day event for Year 10 girls, designed to educate, advise and inspire. It was organised by the Women of the Future committee as a gift to the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers, mathematicians and medics. 

Reham showcased her research, and discussed why science is so interesting and why it would make for an exciting career. 

The agenda included a drop-in session with women in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine), who showcased their research, and a role model speed-dating session during which pupils were able to speak to many different women about their careers, and the routes they took. 

The key plenary speaker was Dr Helen Czerski, Physicist, Oceanographer and Broadcaster with a passion for science. She currently works at University College London (UCL), and is a science presenter for the BBC. Maddie Moate also gave a presentation. Maddie is one of the few female ‘Edu-tubers’ in the UK, and has her own successful YouTube channel where she inspires her audience to ‘stay curious’ and explore the awesome world of science. 

Reham says: “As I was shown to my stand, I was flooded with a group of pupils who were eager to ask questions about my research. When I asked them how much they loved their smart phones, I got responses like “my life revolves around my smartphone” and “I cannot imagine life without a smartphone.” Their reactions were priceless when I told them how their smartphone could potentially detect the early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

The pupils were captivated by how research allows one to work at the frontier of human knowledge to develop solutions to real world problems.”

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