Aston University Open Day Guide

Here is Aston

Hi, I’m Atif – current Aston student and introduction to your Open Day.

Today you’ll meet other students, lecturers and staff who can all show you why Aston is ranked no.1 for ‘value added’. And more importantly, help you discover what that means for you.

For me, Aston wasn’t the thing that made me bold, ambitious and driven (that’s all me) but it has given me the tools – a practical degree, careers guidance and a placement year – to get my career started. It can do something similar for you too.

So, be bold, turn the page and let’s get started, shall we?

Atif Hassan
BSc Business Computing IT

*Ranked 1st for ‘Value Added’ by the Guardian University Guide 2019

Planning your day

Okay, so you’re here. What’s next?
There’s no specific route you should take, but we recommend the following to get the most from your day.

Plan your subject talks

If you do one thing today, attend a subject talk. If the subject has a facilities tour, it will follow immediately after the subject talk and is highlighted in the subject sessions listings.

Add in your general talks

The University overall, student finance, accommodation… Everything you need to know about studying here. Talks are listed over the page.

Grab a bite

Costa Coffee in Tierra Food Court
East Grill and Street Food in Tierra Food Court serving breakfast items, lunches and snacks as well as hot drinks
Café Eros and Café Libro

General Sessions

SessionTime  Location
Welcome to Aston University

 9.15, 10.30, 11.45

Main Building, Ground Floor, Great Hall

Applying to University

10:00, 12:30

Main Building, Ground Floor, Room G8

Aston and the Placement Year

11:15, 13:45

Main Building, Ground Floor, Room G8

Student Finance

11:15, 13:45

Main Building, Floor 2, Room 204

Sport at Aston

10:00, 12:30

Students’ Union, Floor 1, Room 4/5

Life at Aston (delivered by current Aston students)

11:15, 13:45

Students’ Union, Floor 1, Room 4/5

Disability Support

10:00, 12:30

Main Building, Floor 2, Room 204


SessionTime  Location

Running from 09.00 to 14.30. Departing every 10 minutes. Tours last approximately 30-40 minutes.

Meet at the Students’ Union


Running from 09.00 to 14.40. Departing every 20 minutes. Tours last approximately 30 minutes.

Meet at the Students’ Union

Medical School

Sign up at STEM Subjects Area Hall 1

Meet at Information Fair in Students Union

Law court room (self-guided)

Open all day

South Wing, Floor 7, Room 704A

Subject Sessions

Facilities tour after subject session Binoculars icon

SessionTime  Location
Accounting and Finance

09.45 & 12.15

Main Building, Floor 5, Room 518

Audiology - Healthcare Science Binoculars icon


Vision Sciences, Room VS110

Biological and Biomedical Science courses

09.45 & 12.15

Main Building, Floor 6, Room 651 (Sumpner)


09.45 & 12.15

Main Building, Floor 4, Room 417

Biomedical Engineering 11.00 & 13.30 Main Building, Floor 5, Room 518
Business Analytics 13.30 Main Building, Floor 5, Room 554
Business Computing and IT 09.45 Main Building, Floor 5, Room 554
Business and Management 11.00 & 13.30 Main Building, Floor 6, Room 644
Business and Mathematics If you are interested in a Business Joint Honours course, please attend the Business and Management talk and the combined subject of interest talk
Business and Politics
Business and Sociology
Business Management and English Language
Business, Management and Public Policy
Business and Supply Chain Management  11:00 Main Building, Floor 5, Room 512
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering courses 11.00 & 13.30 Main Building, Floor 4, Room 417
Civil Engineering 13.30 Main Building, Floor 2, Room 206
Computer Science courses Binoculars icon 11.00 & 13.30 Main Building, Ground Floor, Room G11
Construction Project Management/ Quantity Surveying courses 09.45 & 12.15 Main Building, Floor 2, Room 206
Cybersecurity See Computer Science courses
Degree Apprenticeships 11.00 & 13.30 Main Building, Floor 4, Room 419
Design Engineering See Mechanical Engineering Binoculars icon
Economics and Management courses 09.45 & 12.15 Main Building, Floor 5, Room 550
Electrical and Electronic Engineering courses Binoculars icon 09.45 & 12.15 Main Building, Floor 2, Room 261
English Literature and Language courses 09.45 & 12.15 Main Building, Floor 1, Room 161A/B
Enterprise Development 11:00 Main Building, Floor 5, Room 550
Finance 13:00 Main Building, Floor 5, Room 550
French See Languages courses
History 11.00 & 13.30 Main Building, Floor 4, Room 404A
Human Resource and Business Management 12:15 Main Building, Floor 5, Room 554
International Business and Economics See Economics and Management courses
International Business and Management See Business and Management
International Business and Modern Languages 11:00 Main Building, Floor 5, Room 550
International Relations See Politics and International Relations courses.
International Relations with Modern Languages See Languages courses and Politics and International Relations courses
Languages courses 09.45 & 12.15 Main Building, Floor 4, Room 404B
Law 09.45 & 12.15 Main Building, Ground Floor, Room G11
Logistics courses 11:00 Main Building, Floor 2, Room 220
Marketing 11.00 & 13.30 Main Building, Floor 5, Room 517
Mathematics courses 11.00 & 13.30 Main Building, Floor 2, Room 261
Mechanical Engineering / Design Engineering 09.45 & 12.15 Main Building, Floor 5, Room 549
Medicine 11.00 & 13.30 Main Building, Floor 6, Room 651 (Sumpner)
Neuroscience Binoculars icon 09.45 & 12.15 Main Building, Floor 4, Room 419
Optometry 09.45 & 12.15 Vision Sciences, Room VSG03
Pharmacy 09.45 & 12.15 Main Building, Floor 6, Room 644
Politics and International Relations courses 11.00 Main Building, Floor 5, Room 549
Product Design and Technology See Product Design courses
Product Design Enterprise and Innovation 13.30 Main Building, Floor 5, Room 549
Psychology courses Binoculars icon 09.45 & 12.15 Main Building, Floor 6, Room 653 (Wright)
Quantity Surveying See Construction Project Management merge with left
Sociology, Social Policy and Public Policy 09.45 & 12.15 Main Building, Floor 4, Room 404C/D
Spanish See Languages courses
Transport Management 09.45 Main Building, Floor 2, Room 220

Campus Map

Various locations on Aston University campus

Key locations on campus

Exterior shot of Aston University Building
1. Main building

Today our subject talks take place in various locations throughout the Main Building. Staff and Student Ambassadors are located around the building and campus to provide directions and answer any questions. So just ask!

Students Union
2. Students’ Union (SU)

Downstairs, Hall 1: STEM Subjects Area - Speak to our academics and admissions staff about science, technology, engineering andmathematics subjects.

Upstairs, Hall 2: Aston Business School and School of Languages & Social Sciences Subjects Area – Speak with academics and admissions staff about business, social science

Aston University Library
3. Library

Open 24/7 during key revision and examination periods. Spread across four floors, there are general group and silent study areas, PC labs and laptops which can be loaned.

The Learning Development Centre on the first floor provides services such as advice on writing assignments, maths support and revision techniques.

Aston University accommodation
4. Accommodation

Our on-campus accommodation is conveniently located just 5-minutes’ walk away from Birmingham city centre. All rooms are ensuite and equipped with everything you will need.

Tours of the accommodation are available from the SU building.

Careers and placements
5. Careers and Placements
(Main Building and Students’ Union)

Aston’s award-winning Careers and Placements team are on hand to offer you friendly and professional advice. The team will work with you to develop the skills and experience needed to choose the right career path and stand out in a competitive job market.

Student services at the hub
6. Student Services at The Hub

In the heart of the Main Building, The Hub is the first point of contact for students who require support from the University. Advice and support is available across a wide range of issues including finance, academic matters, support for international students, mature students, care leavers, counselling and mental health, Chaplaincy and disabilities.

The Sir Doug Ellis Woodcock Sports Centre, swimming pool
7. The Sir Doug Ellis Woodcock Sports Centre

Affordable high quality sports facilities on campus. You can work out in our 100+ station gym, swim in our beautifully restored Victorian 25m swimming pool; relax in the sauna or steam room; play squash or take part in a wide variety of activities and classes in the sports halls and dance studios.

Martin Luthur King Faith Centre exterior
8. Martin Luther King
Multi-Faith Centre

Working alongside other support services in the University, the Chaplaincy assist all staff and students whether they profess a religious belief or not. The team are also very experienced at listening and offering pastoral and spiritual guidance, prayer, support and friendship. Drop in for an informal chat and refreshments.

Kim's Birmingham

Exterior shot of Aston University Building
Kim Chong
Studying BSc Business and Management

Being a historically industrial city, not many people immediately think of Birmingham for “fun” or “culture”. Well, I beg to differ!
After three years of living in good old Brum, I’ve grown to love the place and there really are some amazing places to see and things to do.

Birmingham canals
1: Take a walk along the canals

Brum has 35 miles of canals and waterways whereas Venice only has a measly 26. HA! The seemingly endless network of canals is an amazing place to have a meandering stroll, get lost in your own thoughts, take amazing pictures or even stop for a drink or two at one of the many bars and pubs that line the waterways.

Birmingham street food
2: Dive into the AMAZING world of street food

Brum’s very own award-winning Digbeth Dining Club is open from 4pm until late every Friday and Saturday. If you love food (and who doesn’t?), this is THE place to be. There’s always a wide variety of food on offer, from crepes and waffles to burgers and hot dogs, this place has got it all!

Birmingham electric cinema
3: Watch a movie at the Electric Cinema

The Electric Cinema is the oldest working cinema in the UK and boasts sofas, armchairs, a bar and waiter service. They show a mixture of mainstream, independent, international and classic films so there’s something for everyone’s taste. Not going to lie, it’s a fair bit pricier than your standard cinema ticket but it’s a great place to go for special occasions.

Birimingham Bullring statue
4: The Bullring

Arguably Birmingham’s most iconic building, the Bullring Shopping Centre is a shopaholic’s dream. With over 160 shops ranging from high street fashion (Topshop, River Island, Forever 21) to designer brands (Michael Kors, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger), there’s something for everyone. There are also many restaurants, which include a broad range of cuisine, to tickle your taste buds.

Birmingham Digbeth street art
5: Check out Birmingham’s amazing street art

Forget Bristol and Banksy! Why bother with them when Birmingham is a labyrinth of urban street art? The streets and alleys of Digbeth are lined with amazing works of art for you to marvel at. Take a walk around the former hub of industrial Birmingham and be inspired!

Birimgham City Centre

City centre and shopping
(10 minutes’ walk)

Birimgham New Street Station

Birmingham New
Street Station (10 minutes’ walk)

Birimgham Aiport

Birmingham Airport
(10 minute journey by train from New Street)

Your new students' union

Brand new for 2019, the Students’ Union will help you make the most of your time at Aston. At the SU you get:

  • Access to clubs and societies
  • Advice and academic representation
  • Bar, shop and entertainment
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Study spaces and prayer facilities

The SU is here for the Aston community. It’s a vibrant, welcoming place where there really is something for everyone.

You’ll receive high quality academic representation from the Student Voice department, as well as first class advice to support your health and well-being while studying here.

Join a club or society to make new friends, sharpen some skills or simply stay healthy.

Take a look around and visit the information market being hosted in the building today.

New Students Union at Aston University


All accommodation is campus based - as are all our social, support and academic facilities - so you never have far to go.

Guided Tours
Visit our Accommodation Tour stand in the SU to look around our showflats.

Included in the weekly price:

  • All bills included
  • WiFi
  • Basic contents insurance
  • Security with emergency contact 24/7
  • On-site support from property teams
  • Study areas
  • Common rooms with TVs, sofas and pool tables
  • Fortnightly kitchen cleaning services

Find out more

what uni? Student choice awards 2019. Top 10  accommodation.

Fire Safety Instructions

If you discover a fire
  • Immediately operate the nearest fire alarm call point
  • From a place of safety contact security by dialling 0121 359 2922
  • Evacuate the building immediately using the nearest available fire exit
  • Report to the designated fire assembly point
If you hear an intermittent single tone fire alarm
  • Anticipate a full evacuation
  • Do not attempt to use the lifts while an alarm is sounding
  • If you are in a lift when the alarm sounds, you will be taken to the Ground Floor where the lift will terminate
If you hear a continuous two-tone fire alarm
  • Evacuate using the nearest available fire exit and make your way to the assembly point
  • Do not re-enter the building until authorised to do so

Other buildings:
Other buildings on campus operate a single tone fire alarm system. Evacuate immediately and make your way to the fire assembly point.

Designated fire assembly points

  1. Main Building - CAR PARK 12 (covered car park underneath the football pitch)
  2. Vision Sciences, Library, Students’ Union, Woodcock Sports Centre and all Residences buildings

Fountain area in front of main building

  1. Aston Business School - CAR PARK 3

Refuge Point

If you get into difficulties during the evacuation or are a wheelchair user, have impaired mobility, chronic/asthmatic conditions etc. please make your way to a refuge point.

There are refuge points in protected stairways located in the four corners of the main building at the A, C, E and G lifts and one in the south wing of the building. If you think you need to use a refuge point in the event of a fire evacuation, please familiarise yourselves with the established procedures for the building in particular, paying attention to ‘fire action notices’ displayed on main exit routes throughout the building.

Within the protected stairways, there is a red emergency telephone or a flashing green communication box located on each floor. Red phones automatically dial security when the hand set is lifted and the communication boxes dial security when the green flashing button is pressed.

If the emergency telephones are not working, security can be contacted on 0121 359 2922. Security will advise you what to do next.

Aston University awarded Teaching Excellence Framework gold

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