Aston inspiring teachers

At Aston, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our teaching; innovation and excellence runs through everything we do. In June 2017 the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) introduced by the Government awarded Aston University GOLD, the highest possible award. The TEF Panel found that students from all backgrounds achieve ‘consistently outstanding outcomes’ at Aston, with very high proportions of students going into highly skilled employment or further study.

More than half of our academic  staff are fully recognised for the quality of their teaching by the Higher Education  Academy (HEA), which is above the sector average (HEA 2015/16). By 2020, 95 percent of our academic staff will be accredited by the HEA.

In addition to traditional teaching methods, such as lectures and laboratory sessions,  teaching is delivered in a range of innovative and inspiring ways:

Aston on-site clinic

Optometry students see patients in our on-site clinic from the first year of their degree.

Aston University Active Engineering Initiative

The Active Engineering Initiative - developed with input from academics, industry, engineers and students, allows students to tackle real problems and engage in  practical, cross-disciplinary project-based work.

Aston Replay service

Aston Replay - a service allowing staff to record their teaching sessions. Students can search and view material in their own time.

Aston’s commitment to embedding and integrating work experience through the integrated placement/ pre-registration year gives students the opportunity to acquire  the knowledge, skills and attributes that are valued by employers. A successful  placement is like a year-long job interview and leads to students achieving better degree classifications and employment prospects.

We offer an integrated package of support to students, including:

  • Pastoral support from a personal tutor for every new student
  • Peer and professional mentoring
  • Peer support in both writing and mathematics
  • Free language lessons for all first year undergraduates
  • ‘Aspires’ scholarships based on income and ‘Excellence’ scholarships based on 


Aston campus redevelopment

Over the past seven years, Aston has undergone a £350 million campus redevelopment, including a library upgrade with longer opening hours, additional study  space and over £10 million of investment in refurbished laboratory space for Science,  Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.

Meet some of Aston's inspiring teachers:

"My passion is to inspire and enthuse students to be the best  they can be, not just academically,  but also as young professionals  and future leaders."

Laura Chamberlain Aston

"I get a real sense of satisfaction in sharing my  passion for my subject with  our students."

Anthony Hilton Aston

"Mathematics is key to the modern world, but also the  language of nature. Mathematical  truths are powerful, practical,  eternal. There is no more  rewarding subject."

Max Little Aston

"Inspiring and helping people to reach their potential and  develop a life-long love of  learning is what makes me  passionate about teaching."

Rebecca Knibb Aston

"It is a privilege to watch students transform into health  professionals and rewarding to  think that you have played a part  in that process."