Birmingham Hidden Places

1. Faculty

Coffee in Birmingham is a cherished thing. There are so many great places to grab a coffee, but one of our favourites is this little peace of heaven found in Piccadilly Arcade. Faculty is a coffee shop you could simply walk past without even knowing its there, but when when you do realise, you've found your own little oasis right opposite New Street Station. The coffee is marvellous, the staff are joyous - perfect. 

2. Great Western Arcade

This pretty Grade II listen arcade is a hub of thriving independent retail in the city. From old-style sweet shops to amazing vegetarian restaurants, it's a great place to deviate away from the hustle and bustle of the High Street and uncover the most unique discoveries. 

3. Liquor Store

Found in the Great Western Arcade, the Liquor Store is a fashion store that offers clean-cut and simple trends from a wonderful range of hard-to-find labels and designers. You're definitely not going to find anyone else wearing your new threads from here - Birmingham just got a whole lot edgier.  

4. Digbeth Dining Club

Your bridge between winding down from the week and getting ready for the weekend, Digbeth Dining Club at Spotlight is the perfect place to indulge in some of the regions best street food with your friends whilst listening to great beats in a festival atmosphere. 

5. Birmingham Botanical Gardens 

With its beautiful gardens and lovely café, it’s perfect to go and relax and forget the world for a short amount of time. There's also many great events throughout the year, as well as four stunning glasshouses and a tropical rainforest. 

6. Vincent Van Doodle

Once a website, then a pop up and now a fledging store in it's own right on LinkStreet in the Bullring, Vincent Van Doodle is a homeware shop with a mighty difference. Combine science and history with desirable homewares and artwork isn't your usual combination, but if you fancy sprucing up your home with clever decor then this could be the store for you. 

7. Loft

Located in the heart of the Gay Village, the Loft is a reinvented bar with a new food and cocktail menu that can have you either enjoying lunch with your friends or partying until the sun comes up. It's one of those awesome places where time gets lost and so do you with the memories you're making.