Why choose Aston

1. Placement Year

You may have seen our #yoursforthetaking campaign and our students brag about their amazing experience in various countries around the world. This opportunity could also be yours - 82% of our graduates find a grad-level job within 6 months of graduating. You will be able to travel, experience the working world and learn how to manage your time, money and your future. Find out what our students have to say

2. Mentoring programmes 

We could sit here and give you advice all day long, however, it would be so much better coming from an actual Aston student, right? This is why we have put in place our mentoring programme. Pre-university, during university, Placement and Graduate mentoring programmes help you along each stage of your university life. The best advice is from those who have experienced what you are about to!

3. City centre campus

When we say our campus is in the centre of Birmingham, that's exactly what we mean! You're walking distance from shopping centres, cinemas, restaurants, clubs and many other attractions, means no more money spent on transport! You’ll be able to explore Birmingham and its hidden treasures, all only minutes from campus.

4. Aston Student Village

When you can live opposite Main Building, you can roll out of bed and straight to your lectures. Need to stay late in the library? Not a problem! Get some hardcore studying done and walk back to your cosy room in seconds. No need to worry about walking around town in the dark! 

5. Careers + Placements

From CV building to helping you nail that interview; part-time jobs to graduate jobs and of course securing your placement, our Careers + Placement service has been rated one of the best in the UK. With high-profile company and industry links and hundreds of opportunities waiting for you, we're sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. 

6. Jobs on campus

We know how tough it is to survive off a student loan or even find a part-time job. On campus we have many different roles to help you get involved in Aston life and earn whilst you're enjoying yourself. Aston Students' Union features an array of different stores such as the student shop (buy Aston clothing, stationary, food, etc.), a hairdressers, Copy Shop, Subway and much more! You could even become a Student Ambassador and show off Aston to the world.