Research at Aston

At Aston we conduct high-quality research in all of our academic Schools: Aston Business School; Aston Medical School, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, School of Life and Health Sciences, and School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Our highest profile research areas are currently:

  • Advanced Services
    The Advanced Services Group is a centre of excellence specialising in servitization, the organisational transformation of manufacturing companies to compete through services, in particular advanced services.
  • Bioenergy
    The Energy and Bioproducts Research Institute (EBRI) at Aston University conducts world-class research into all aspects of bioenergy including energy-from-waste and the development of new bioproducts and services, all of which contribute to improving the UK's carbon footprint and improving the security of energy supplies.
  • Entrepreneurship
    The Entrepreneurship & Innovation research team engages with theoretical frameworks in economics and management concerning the innovative and entrepreneurial behaviour of firms and individuals. 
  • European Politics
    The Aston Centre for Europe acts as a ‘hub’ for a range of Europe and EU-related research projects and stakeholder activities across the University. Reflecting the European strengths of Aston’s research culture including specialisms in individual states, ACE has since 2009 become a major centre for research in European politics and society and ensured the real-world applicability of that research through practitioner engagement.
  • Forensic Linguistics
    The Centre for Forensic Linguistics at Aston University is the first of its kind in the world. We combine leading-edge research and investigative practice with teaching and training in forensic linguistics. Research at the Centre involves all aspects of forensic linguistics from how the police and the courts can best work with interpreters to the development and refinement of methods for identifying the author of disputed forensic texts.
  • Neuroscience
    Our research interests concern fundamental aspects of human brain processes, including the function and functional organisation of the brain and significant sense organs in health and disease. The research activities in this group aim to advance our understanding of neurological and developmental disorders (epilepsy, autism, dyslexia), and human vision, hearing, language, cognition, and affect.
  • Optometry
    Optometrists and ophthalmologists work within an integrated investigative framework to significantly advance our understanding of the development, use, preservation and restoration of ocular function.
  • Pharmacy
    Aston Pharmacy School has internationally recognized translational research covering every aspect of pharmacy. From the discovery of the blockbuster drug Temozolomide for the treatment of brain tumours and the development of metformin as a treatment for diabetes, through cutting edge research in neurosciences, to our research in medicines management for children and people with neurological conditions and neurodegeneration,  research in  Aston Pharmacy School improves the lives of millions of people, worldwide, every day. 
  • Photonics
    The Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies pursues a diverse range of device-and-system-level topics at the leading edge of technology. The key research areas include high-speed optical transmission and processing, in fibre-based optical devices and components, nonlinear photonics, and in fibre optic sensors.

Under our Research Strategy 2018-2023, we have made major investment in four University Research Institutes: The Aston Institute for Photonic Technologies (AIPT); The European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI); The Aston Neuroscience Institute (ANI); The Institute for Forensic Linguistics (IFL).