About Aston's ECR development

Aston University is always strongly committed to developing its research staff and has already undertaken several initiatives to support their development. We have put in place an Action Plan to implement the key principles of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers and been awarded the HR Excellence in Research Award in recognition of our commitment to fostering researcher development.

To further our commitment to supporting the career development of our researchers, notably our early career researchers (ECRs), and based on the recommendations of a University-wide working group, which have been approved by the University Executive, we have now expanded our existing initiatives, providing them with a wide range of new opportunities, activities and resources for their personal, professional and career development.

These opportunities, activities and resources include:

Staff Profile
Dr. James Brown
Lecturer in Ageing Metabolism and Co-chair of the ECR Committee
“As an ECR you are at a key career stage and have the unique opportunity to choose how to build your expertise and skills. The ECR training programme at Aston will facilitate this. With advice from experienced researchers and with a large support network of fellow ECRs you will have all the tools you need to upskill and develop as a researcher.”