Vitae resources


Vitae is a UK programme supported by Research Councils UK and UK HE funding bodies such as Department for Employment and Learning and Higher Education Funding Council.

Aston supports Vitae because it offers a series of useful advice, tools and resources to help researchers plan and enhance their career development. 

These include:

The Researcher Development Framework (RDF) is a significant approach to developing high quality researchers. It identifies the knowledge, behaviour and attributes required to be successful researchers.

The RDF is structured into four principal domains. Each domain contains three sub-domains and a set of descriptors, which describe different aspects of being an effective and successful researcher. The courses provided by Aston’s ECR Development Programme are largely mapped against the Vitae RDF because it a comprehensive new approach to enhancing the personal, professional and career development of researchers.

To find out more about the Vitae RDF, click here.

The VitaeRDF Planner is a web-based tool, designed to help researchers plan and manage their career development. As Aston is currently trialling this Planner. If you are interested in the Planner and wish to participate in the trial, please contact Jeanette Lilley.

In this video, a researcher using the Planner, provides her views, experiences, approach and the benefits she's gained from using the RDF Planner and why she would recommend it to others.

Other researcher views of the Planner can be found here.

These booklets give practical advice and tips tailored to researchers on topics chosen to support professional development. There are seven booklets in the series and each booklet, which focuses on a specific topic, e.g. the Enterprising Researcher and the Informed Researcher, includes advice and suggested exercises to work through.For further information, click here.

These briefings focus on emerging themes and practical examples relevant to implementing the Concordat for research staff and other stakeholders, e.g. managers of researchers, who play a role in the implementation of the Concordat’s principles. For more information, click here

These focus on knowledge, behaviours and attributes that are developed or acquired through, or used in, the broader contexts of being a researcher. By look at their professional development through a lens, researchers can strengthen their academic profile or prepare for transition into a new area of work. To find out more, click here.

Vitae offers other useful advice to research staffand PhD supervisors

This includes the Research Careers section of the Vitae website

As Aston University is a member of Vitae, staff and research students can create a login to access additional resources on the Vitae website. Please click here to create an account.