Who we are

The team responsible for developing, planning, organising and delivering the activities and opportunies for ECRs at Aston University comprises of:

1. ECR Committee

The ECR committee is created to support the ECRs within the University. Its role is to ensure that ECRs are represented on the University Research and Enterprise committee and to plan events, training and the development programme..

Lecturer in Ageing Metabolism and Co-chair of ECR Committee
0121 204 5039

Lecturer in the Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry and Co-chair of ECR Committee
MB 134
0121 204 3545

2. Human Resources - Staff & Graduate Development

The main role of the HR - Staff & Graduate Development is to plan, develop, coordinate, organise and deliver the activities, courses and workshops of the ECR Development Programme.

Manager, Staff and Graduate Development
MB 728
0121 204 4606

Professional Development Advisor
MB 728
0121 204 4609
Main responsibilities: Planning, developing, coordinating and communicating the activities associated with the development of researchers and managing the ECR website.

Assistant Professional Development Advisor
MB 728
0121 204 4607

3. Research and Enterprise Office Support

The Research and Enterprise Office provides researchers at the University with information, guidance and advice on different aspects of research funding, e.g.  identifying suitable funding streams, the application process and costings.

Director of Research Strategy and Impact
MB G53
0121 204 4243

Strategic Funding Manager (Aston Business School and Languages & Social Sciences)

MB 228 
0121 204 4565 / 

Strategic Funding Manager (Life & Health Sciences)
MB 560
0121 204 4616


Strategic Funding Manager (Engineering and Applied Science) 
MB G52
0121 204 4039