Aston Postdoc Society

Welcome to the Aston Postdoc Society webpage!

Aston Postdoc Society is a society led by postdoctoral researchers with the aim of promoting and organising professional development activities and training events to support the career development of postdoctoral researchers. With its official launch in December 2015, the Society aims to provide a forum for sharing experience and ideas, for offering support and for discussing career planning and management.

27 May 2015: Inspiring Life Story Seminars - Aston Scholars (by Prof Helen Higson and Prof Anthony Hilton)

9 June 2015: Inspiring Life Story Seminars - Achieving Excellence as an Early Career Researcher (by Dr Thomas Drew, Dr Gary Burke & Dr Thomas Wassmer) 

9 July 2015: Inspiring Life Story Seminars - Women in Higher Education (by Ms Sally Puzey, Dr Zita Balklava & Dr Sarah Lee)

7 December 2015:

Aston Postdoc Society Launch Event

  • Introduction of the PERCAT at Birmingham University (by Prof Roy Bicknell & Ms Lesley Bodenham)
  • Inspiring Life Story Seminar (by Prof Jonathan Tritter and Dr David Benton)
  • Aston Women’s Programme and Athena SWAN (by Jane Tyrrell)

Aston Postdoc Society Christmas Event:

2 - 3 March 2016: Writing Fellowship Application Workshop

25 April 2016: EC Marie Curie Fellowship Application Workshop