Hung Xuan Do 1 real
"The Aston scholarship had not only reduced the financial burden, but motivated me to perform better in my studies."

Hung Xuan Do, Vietnam, MSc Human Resource Management

Vanshika Goel 1 real
"I was elated to know that I was awarded with an Aston scholarship. It has helped me to invest more in my studies. It feels good to stand out amongst the crowd. It is an opportunity you shouldn't let go of if given the chance."

Vanshika Goel, India, MSc Entrepreneurship

Bright Chinule 1 real
"Receiving an Aston scholarship gave me the opportunity to experience one of the most culturally diverse campuses in the UK with world class education and a network of individuals from around the world."

Bright Chinule, Nigeria, MSc Business Analytics

Mari Kawahara student
"The opportunity to apply for an Aston scholarship encouraged me to enrol at University. It has motivated me to go further and I advise other students to apply for a scholarship as once they apply, the chances to receive it will be higher."

Mari Kawahara, Japan, MBA

Naman Khajuria 001 real
"My advice to students who are applying for an Aston scholarship is to work over what you have achieved and if you haven't achieved anything, now is the time to do so."

Naman Khajuria, India, MSc Strategy and International Business

Rafaella Tsangaridou 2 real
"It is an important opportunity that Aston Business School are giving to its future students. I suggest to all students to think outside the box and propose unique ideas."

Rafaella Tsangaridou, Cyprus, MSc Human Resources Management

Jonah ochigbo 01 real
"Receiving an Aston scholarship reduced the financial burden on my sponsors (parents), which was a key motivation for them to support my coming to Aston University. My advice to other students applying for a scholarship is to clearly state why you chose Aston, course of study, and possible contributions to Aston University."

Jonah Ochigbo, Nigeria, MSc Information Systems and Business Analysis

Pranav Kuchimanchi 1 real
"It made me really proud to think that I am making a good impression in my career, and securing a scholarship was a huge privilege. My advice to the next set of students applying for scholarships is to not be afraid, take the leap, and truly go for it."

Pranav Kuchimanchi, India, MSc Work Psychology and Business