2014-15 Sports Scholars

2014-2015 Sport Scholarship Students
triple jump

Simba Rwambiwa

Sport: Athletics, Triple Jump

Course: Business and Management, First Year

Highest Sporting Achievement: 

Simba is all round Athlete. He started his career as a Sprinter running 200m and 400m and earning many accolades in these, including; Gold Medalist at Young Athletes League Nationals 400m and being ranked 3rd in 200m indoor 2013. He has since switched disciplines, very successfully, to Triple Jump. He is currently ranked 6th for Indoor Triple Jumo and 10th in the country for u20. Simba will be looking to break the elusive 15m mark and improve his rankings this season. Find out more about Simba and his training in his focus article. 


Katie Sullivan

Sport: Netball

Course: Business and Sociology, First Year

Highest Sporting Achievement: Welsh Cap, Representing Wales u17; Netball Europe (Malta) Silver Medal

Katie Sullivan is a passionate netball player, who has been playing since she was just 8 years old. She moved up from county and novice play very quickly, being recognized and chosen to represent Wales in the Netball Europe Championships in Malta. She is currently playing for Aston university and Linden Netball Club. She is also starting 7 player in the Cardiff Premier League as well as being selected for the welsh HUB squad. She will be training to be selected to represent wales in the U21 squad, to compete in the World Youth Championship.


Matthew Ingram

Sport: Archery 

Course: Accounting for Management, First Year

Highest Sporting Achievement:  Bronze Medal, Team Rounds: European Junior Championships 2012

Matthew  is a highly motivated Archer with an impressive resume. He has competed multiple times representing GB in international competitions and was Ranked no.1 in indoor U18 in 2012-2013. He is currently preparing to represent Aston in BUCS competitions as well as gain a top 3 place in the GB selection shoot. 


Stan Bowley

Sport: Fencing

Course: Industrial Product Design, Second Year

Highest Sporting Achievement: GB Senior National Rank- 36th, Bay Open Champion 2011/12

Stan Bowley is a keen fencer, specializing in the Sabre. He has rapidly increased his ranking in both BUCS and national leagues as well as competing regularly. As well as this he is a British Fencing Association Level 2 Qualified Coach. Stan has founded and is currently running the Fencing Club on campus and has been representing us in BUCS competitions very well. His goals include improving his individual rankings and competing in the British U20 selection Circuit. 


Brad Williams

Sport: Rugby 

Course: Msc Business and Management

Highest Sporting Achievement: Representing Wales U16 and U18

Brad Williams  is a Rugby player currently completing his Masters at Aston. Brad has represented Wales in U16 and U18 rugby and has experience Pro and Semi Pro play. Brad will be competing for Aston whilst he is here and has already renewed his semi pro contract. Rugby is part of his life and there is no slowing down for Brad. 


Brinder Phagura

Sport: Cricket

Course: Management & Public Policy, First Year

Highest Sporting Achievement: Winner of Alec Hastilow Trophy, best batsman U19 2014.

Brinder Phagura has represent Warwichshire County Cricket Club at second elevel, U19 and U17 level. He has been awarded the most promising young cricketer in the midlands Alec Hastilow trophy and shows lots of potential going forward. He is currently looking to make first eleven for the Warwickshire County Cricket Club, whilst he continues to represent Aston University. 


Alexis Lopez

Sport: Golf

Course: Translation Studies; Spanish, First Year

Highest Sporting Achievement: British Colleges Finals (Singles) 2013/2014.

Alexis Lopez is currently running the Golf Society on campus. He plays at quite a high level, He was club champion, Dainton Park 2012 and has reached finals for the British Colleges Finals in both Singles and Team levels. He also wants to get handicapped to scratch or below, as well as enter the Mens amateur rankings.

Curtis Harvery

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