Fitness Apps. Revolutionary? Or over the top?

Apps are everywhere and anywhere, if you can think of a traditional method of doing something, there is probably an app version of the very same thing. This goes for working out and training especially. In this post I’m going to talk about some of the best fitness apps or aids out there. Some of them are specific to a certain goal such as weight loss, some of them are specific to a certain activity like running and others include everything fitness and more.

I’m going to begin with an app I use myself. JEFIT. This is a workout tracker/timer that help structure my workouts. It also has a massive database of different exercises you can do. Over 1300+ exercises are included in the free version. They have videos showing you correct form and you can even get a pre made routine if you don’t want to create your own. As the app track all your sessions it can show you your progress in nice, sleek charts and suggest improvements. There is also an active community based around the app and you can add friends and see their progress. Overall I would rate this app 9/10 as it does way more than I expect or need, and the options are limitless.  


The second app which I must mention is 7 Minute workout. Now this app does exactly as it says. It gives you a quite intense 7 minute workout anywhere and everywhere. It is based on high intensity circuit training which has been proven to be the most safest, effective and efficient way of working out. It consist of only 12 exercises which are done for 30 seconds and have a 10 second break in-between sets and all you need is a chair and a wall. 

7 min

Fit radio is another app which adds value to your workout. It does this using music. The right music can be a powerful motivator to an energetic workout. It has exercises which match a certain beat and pace, audio coached workouts and also running playlist which matches your pace. Users can choose genre, set intervals and share and save their favorite playlist and DJ’s 

fit radio

MyFitnessPal is the final app I will mention. This app focuses on the nutrition of your fitness goals. It allows you to quickly scan the bar code of any product, searches it in its database of 5 million foods and return nutritional values and adds it to your meal plan for that day. The app logs all your calories, nutrition and meals/drinks. It suggest improvement and warns you about certain bad food. Now that is has been acquired by Under Armour, it has grown to become more than an app. The online community is massive, it now includes exercises and has brought out some new hardware connected devices that improve tracking, Overall this is the first step most people should take when considering tracking their nutrition and food intake. 


Finally, to conclude: All these apps have their own benefits and negatives, some are free with ads whilst others only have a trial period before you need to purchase. I think some are definitely worth the purchase especially if they have a positive impact on your routine and progress. Overall everyone’s needs are different and some people prefer pen and paper to anything else either way if you want some more insight into your workouts and track progress an app could be what you’ve been looking for.