Fresher's Fitness



All the late nights, drinking and takeaways can be fun but can cause you to gain weight during fresher’s week! If you’re not careful this can lead to unhealthy habits that could stick with you through university and into later life. Did you know the average post night out kebab comes with around 900 calories, and just one jagerbomb is a whopping 160 calories! Just the kebab is around half the maximum recommended calorie intake for a woman per day.

But it’s not all doom and gloom here are 3 simple tips to help you manage that weight:

1.       Drink less. This is an obvious one. Picking drinks with less alcohol content and that are less dense in calories can help you stay healthier but still enjoy your nights out.

2.       Skip the chippy after a night out! If you have followed step 1 you won’t need to eat to sober up and even if you do it doesn't have to be a big calorific kebab! Opt for a healthier choice.

3.       Ensuring you participate in some form of exercise is also essential not just during fresher’s week but in general everyday life. Join the gym or take up a new sport. University offers a perfect opportunity to try out new things with all sorts of sports clubs and activities you can get involved in.

Skip the Chippy!

Sport Aston Gym and Times

We can’t help with the first 2 but we do have a lot of ways you can exercise and keep fit. Aston University has its own sports facilities on campus at the Sir Doug Ellis Woodcock Sports Centre. We have something for everyone, whether you’re a casual swimmer, a gym junkie or an elite level athlete looking to train for your sport.

  • Gym Memberships from the equivalent of £4.20 per week.
  • Swimming for £2.30 per visit
  • Swim, Sauna & Steam for £4 per visit
  • Fitness & Yoga Classes for £3 per class