About Us

The Procurement Team at Aston University is the main point within the University for all procurement guidance and support.

The Procurement Team are also the first point of contact for information on current contracts and forthcoming tenders, and how to supply to the university.

The team is principally responsible for leading all procurement projects over £50k and is involved with purchasing exceeding £25k where appropriate.

We are a professionally qualified and experienced team that work with colleagues in Colleges and Departments across the University to ensure we consider:

  • Value for money

  • Whole life costs
  • Risk mitigation

  • Legal compliance

  • Sustainable procurement




Find out about a fraud scam that is targeting existing and potential suppliers of Aston University as well as other universities.


Any invoice that does not quote a valid purchase order will be returned to the Supplier unpaid.



Contact Us

The Procurement Team is based in the Main Building of the Aston University campus:
MB7 Agile Workspace
Aston University
Aston Triangle
B4 7ET
The Procurement Team can be contacted on [email protected].
In the interest of sustainability, suppliers are kindly asked to refrain from sending in brochures or marketing material by post.