Information for Suppliers

Information to organisations who are currently Suppliers to the University and for those who may wish to conduct business with Aston University.


The Procurement Team work with a range of Suppliers, large and small, to procure the goods and services that keep the University operating. 

All procurement activity within the University is carried out in accordance with legal requirements, financial regulations and University procurement policy and procedural guidance. This includes spend funded through research grants.

Our objective is to secure value for money, consistent with acceptable standards of quality and service.

We promote efficient and effective procurement, working with our Suppliers to ensure that responsible procurement and value for money is maximised by employing best practice, advising on the management of risk and ensuring compliance with statutory requirements.

All University staff must utilise University contracts where the goods or services they require fall within scope. The Procurement Team maintains a Contracts Register of all agreements and associated Suppliers that have either successfully been awarded tenders, or are on framework agreements for supply of goods and services. These goods and services include stationery, travel, furniture, laboratory equipment and supplies etc. 


The University will not accept invoices without a valid Purchase Order (PO) quoted. Invoices without a PO number or which contain a handwritten one will be returned unpaid, with a request for the correct information to be added.

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