What is Organisational Development
Organisational Development is a planned, systematic approach to improving organisational effectiveness and health – one that aligns strategy, people and processes.
How does OD support the university

The Organisational Development (OD) service supports the University to achieve its strategic aims by enabling our people to give their best and deliver exceptional performance. 

We do this by working collaboratively with leaders, managers and staff to:

  • Enhance performance of staff members, teams and departments
  • Develop people and leadership capability, confidence and experience
  • Foster a sense of pride and belonging with Aston University employees
  • Create a collaborative, positive, sustainable and inclusive working environment

As well as offering a range of learning and development programmes and coaching support, OD Partners provide tailored development to leaders, managers and their teams, to improve performance and engagement across the University.                                                                                                                                                                                             


We also offer the following bespoke services:

  • Diagnostic profiling (individual 360, team profiles and Myers Briggs) - this service is fee based
  • Away day design and facilitation for teams and departments
  • Consultancy to managers and Heads of Departments/Schools

Book your training
You can book training via the  Staff Portal
Other learning and development opportunities

Contact us

Email: [email protected]

Our OD Partners:
Tracey Roberts (Engineering and Physical Sciences & Business) ext 3534
Mark Dolphin (Professional Services, The Education Team, RKE) ext 4028 
Rebecca Kent (Health and Life Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities) ext 4601 

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