EU Staff at Aston and Brexit

EU Staff and brexit

This page has been designed to help to support our many staff across all areas of the University who are directly affected by the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

A high degree of uncertainty remains around Brexit and it remains difficult to predict the outcomes in relation to a wide range of important issues impacting on non-UK students and their dependants. The University fully recognises that the uncertainty continues to be a source of anxiety and concern.    

A Brexit Town Hall meeting was held on 11th March where staff took the opportunity to share and discuss their concerns with members of the Executive led by the Provost, Helen Higson.

The key points for staff discussed at this session were as follows:

Helen Higson
Helen Higson
EU citizens in the UK before 12th April 2019


  • EU citizens already in the UK can stay and work in the UK until 31/12/2020 whether or not there is a Brexit deal.
  • If you have not already done so, the University encourages you to apply for settled or pre-settled status via the Home Office scheme as this will make sure you are protected against whatever future immigration policy is introduced.
  • Anyone who has paid for settled status during the pilot schemes will be given a refund without needing to apply for it.
  • For EU national staff who arrive in the UK during March, hold on to or request any formal documents to confirm “residence” pre-12th April 2019. Even a day on UK soil including touch down at the airport before the UK exits the EU gives the right to apply for settlement/pre-settlement status
  • In the event of no deal, after 12th April 2019, Europeans visiting the UK for more than 3 months will need to apply for a European Temporary Leave to Remain visa. Stays of less than 3 months won’t require a visa.

Aston staff travelling into Europe

  • British passport holders need to make sure they have 6 months or more remaining on their passport to travel into Europe after March whether for work or personal travel.
  • Further advice for “frontier” workers (people who frequently travel within and into UK and European countries) will follow shortly from Home Office and is expected to be similar to Schengen visa arrangements.
  • It is likely that an electronic travel authorisation system similar to the US ESTA system will be introduced so that no advance visit visa will be needed.
  • Frontier workers and those with dual nationality with UK and an EU country need to make sure they keep up to date with advice.

For further information the FAQs on the Universities UK website provides university-specific advice for both staff and students

Professor Helen E Higson OBE DL
Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor  

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Should you require more tailored advice, please contact a local immigration specialist or use one of the following organisations

Brexit Information Sessions October 2017

Click on the picture to the right for the presentation from the Brexit information sessions held in October 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can also download the FAQs arising from the Information Sessions.  Please note, the answers provided are general advice for reference purposes only and should not be taken as specific advice based on your individual circumstances.

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