Employee Resourcing Scheme

We have launched an employee resourcing scheme to identify areas within the University that have spare capacity, which would enable us to utilise the skills, knowledge and experience of employees in areas of the University that are currently under resourced.

This will enable managers to indicate when they need additional short term support and also provide employees in the scheme with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and experience. Please note, the first step in implementing the scheme is to ask you to add staff who have spare capacity.

Click here for further information about the scheme including FAQs and full guidance.

  • All staff who have capacity including staff returning from furlough (where roles are not yet back to full capacity).
  • Employees who are only able to allocate part of their time or certain weeks would still be eligible for the scheme.
  • To add an employee to the pool you should submit an Employee Resourcing Scheme Registration Form via the Aston Staff Portal (CoreHR), this can be completed by you or the employee.
  • You must speak to your employee (s) prior to registering them in the scheme.

Please note, the application is tailored for professional services staff supporting professional services areas, however, all staff who are eligible can enter the scheme.

  • Departments who need additional resource can request access to applicants who have registered in the scheme (this could be for one off events e.g. University Clearing or to cover a project or additional work load for a short period).
You can access the registered employees by contacting HR systems who will provide you with access to available staff.
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