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Conference Programme

Monday 10th August 

09:30 AM - Artificial Intelligence in Visual Art (MSc Artificial Intelligence and related programmes) 
  • Academic Talk: Dr Aniko Ekart 
  • Programme Q&A: Dr Aniko Ekart, Dr George Vogiatzis, Dr Sylvia Wong

Starting from a brief historical perspective on computer-generated art and the naturally rising question of what we accept as art, Dr Ekart will describe the so-called evolutionary art concept. She will explain automatic programming and how this may be applied to produce visually pleasing images and illustrate this with examples. We will finish by showcasing related recent work by Aston students at BSc, MSc and PhD level.  

10:30 AM - The changing skillset needed by today's engineering leaders in order to deal with dynamic change (MSc Engineering Management)
  • Academic Talk: Dr Brian Price
  • Programme Q&A: David Carpenter

The rate of change in the engineering sector is accelerating. Dynamic change in geopolitics, globalization, technologies and work practices mean that it is no longer enough to just have excellent technical skills. The recent pandemic has shown the central role of engineers and how they need to be agile to adapt to rapid change, such as the crash design and manufacture of ventilators. According to the 2019 Skills Landscape report on the attributes of engineers of 2025, they must be “A more flexible, multi-skilled and technology enabled workforce”. In this brief review, learn what skills employers are looking for in engineers of the future and how you can prepare yourself to be a resilient engineering leader.

11:30 AM - How effective supply chain management is critical to economic and societal wellbeing (MSc Supply Chain Management)
  • Academic Talk: Professor Edward Sweeney
  • Programme Q&A: David Carpenter

Every product reaches the final consumer through a chain of companies which typically includes manufacturers, logistics providers and retailers. This talk explains what these supply chains are and how they work. It demonstrates that their effective management - i.e. supply chain management (SCM) - holds the key to enhancing economic and societal well-being.

12:30 PM - Who needs Data Analytics? (MSc Data Analytics)
  • Academic Talks: Dr Sotos Generalis and Professor David Saad
  • Programme Q&A: Dr Sudhir Jain

The modern world is blessed with a deluge of available data, which gives rise to the challenge of extracting useful information from it, which is in turn being utilised for carrying out various tasks, from classification, regression and prediction to the management and control of complex systems. In the talk we will explain the relevance of the material taught in the course to advanced use of data, from medical and commercial applications to the efficient use of power and traffic systems.