Business and Management MSc

Course overview

  • Course level
  • Course type
  • Duration
    1 year
  • Course options
    Internship / overseas study
  • School

Entry requirements

  • One of the following:
    A good UK honours degree (minimum lower second class) or equivalent overseas degree recognised by Aston University.
  • For International Students:
    An official academic transcript, with official English translation, of your university grades to date, students whose native language is not English also need to satisfy our English language requirements.
  • Full entry requirements
    See entry requirements below for full details
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Apply September 2020 Start

Key Dates

Ranked in the top 100 for Business and Management (QS World University Rankings 2020)

Ranked 7th in the UK in the Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking 2019

Ranked in the top 50 for Business and Management (QS UK University Rankings 2020)

Course summary

Enhance your employability and set yourself up for a rewarding career with our MSc Business and Management. You’ll study a broad range of business topics, giving you an extensive understanding of how companies operate and providing you with valuable management skills and techniques.

We can help you become a business leader of the future!

The course concludes with a Business Project; a substantial piece of work designed to provide you with an opportunity to analyse a business problem and practically apply the knowledge and skills developed during the course.

You can choose to study this course as part of our double degree programme. 

This course can also be studied online.

Entry requirements

One of the following:


  • A good UK honours degree (minimum lower second class)


  • Equivalent overseas degree recognised by Aston University.

As well as:

  • Two professional references – at least one must be from an academic referee

  • An official academic transcript of your university grades to date

  • A completed application form.

For International Students:

  • An official academic transcript, with an official English translation, of your university grades to date.

  • Students whose native language is not English will also need to satisfy our English language requirements Pre-sessional English language programmes are available for good applicants whose English qualification falls just short of these requirements.

  • Postgraduate masters students enrolling with Aston Business School with a 5.5 in one of the four IELTS sections will be required to engage with English language tuition as part of our professional development programme, The Aston Global Advantage. There will be no extra cost to the student.
  • For students who do not meet our minimum academic and English language requirements for this course, we offer an alternative pathway to an Aston Master’s with Kaplan International College, London.
  • For more information about qualifications, view our Aston in your country webpage.

Applicants with extensive work experience

We recognise the value of extensive professional experience. If you do not have the academic qualifications, but have extensive and relevant professional experience and a proven ability to succeed, we would welcome your application.

The information contained on this website details the typical entry requirements for this course for the most commonly offered qualifications. Applicants with alternative qualifications may wish to enquire with the relevant admissions teams prior to application whether or not their qualifications are deemed acceptable. For less commonly encountered qualifications this will be judged on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the academic admissions tutor.

Why choose us?

We’re part of an elite group of business schools thanks to our triple accreditation from AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. We can help to enhance your career prospects, boost your earning potential and set you on the pathway for a successful, rewarding career.

We boast a strong reputation and an impressive track-record for student satisfaction, teaching quality and employability. Our recent graduates have gone onto to secure roles with prestigious international organisations, including Deloitte, Rolls Royce and Lloyds TSB.

Attracting students from all over the world, this course is a great opportunity to mix with people from different cultures and with diverse backgrounds. You’ll enhance your communication, teamwork and management skills, all whilst building a network of international contacts. It will also help you to appreciate the various approaches to people management in a multicultural context.

Our courses offer a range of opportunities to gain practical experience through things such as, consultancy projects and entrepreneurial opportunities. Find out more here. 

Fees and scholarships

Fees 2020/21

UK/EU:           £10,550
International:  £18,850 

Find out about our scholarships here.  

Course outline

Suitable for graduates of all disciplines, this dynamic programme is a fantastic platform to launch your career. You’ll benefit from a detailed insight into many areas of business, from strategy to operations and from marketing to people management. You’ll also gain key leadership and management skills. By the end of the course, you’ll be equipped to go into a variety of roles for a range of organisations, including international companies and those operating in the third sector.

The course will provide you with a clear understanding of modern business practices. It will develop your analytical and critical-thinking skills, allowing you to solve complex commercial problems and identify and deliver successful business strategy. This will enable you to hit the ground running in graduate roles.

We’ll teach you the fundamental principles as well as the latest concepts in management. As well as this theoretical background, our emphasis on applied learning will help you to develop your leadership skills in practise. You’ll enhance your soft skills, enabling you to effectively interact with other people in professional situations. These are key competences employers look for when recruiting talented graduates.

With a wide selection of optional modules, this course provides you with opportunity to tailor your studies to suit your interests or professional ambitions. You’ll be able to gain advanced-level understanding of subject areas, including finance, marketing, human resource and entrepreneurship. Whatever career path you’re looking to take, we can help you get on the right track.

We use a variety of teaching methods to enable you to get the most from the course. There’s practical activities, including simulation exercises, reflective case studies, collaborative group work, thought-provoking class discussion as well as inspiring lectures and tutorials. This allows you to explore, test and apply what you’ve learnt and gives you a deeper understanding of your subject.

January Start

Should you wish to commence your study January:

  • The timetable for January starts will limit study abroad options. 
  • If you are interested in placement as part of your professional development activity, you will be required to source this within the first three months (approx.) of your start date.
  • You will begin work on your project before you complete your second term modules.  However, you will be able to nominate a preferred submission date from a range offered, up to 15 months after your programme starts.
  • Your course will be studied, full time over 12 months.  However, you will be offered an additional 3 months remote support if you wish to submit at month 15.  
  • If you are an international student, your visa will still be valid until the end of May the year following your entry date.
Subject guide and modules

Core Modules

  • Accounting for Non-Financial Managers 
    This module will give you a good grasp of key finance and accounting concepts. You’ll be competent interpreting financial information such as company accounts and you will be able to communicate effectively using the terminology of finance and accounting. It will also enable you to use accounting to make informed management decisions.
  • Applied Research Methods
    This module provides the knowledge on the tools and techniques needed to effectively produce valid research studies from the analysis and exploration of contemporary academic and practical issues/problems in the world of modern business. You will learn various research techniques around relevant research topics in business management.
  • Marketing Management 
    In this module you will gain a comprehensive understanding and critical evaluation of marketing management practices, underpinned by relevant theories and conceptual frameworks. These frameworks are applied to contemporary issues and organisational strategies within national and international contexts and culminating with the creation and the proposal of a professional marketing plan.
  • Strategic Management
    This module provides you with the knowledge on the tools and techniques needed to effectively analyse the external and internal environments of businesses in today’s world. Various contemporary frameworks will be taught around relevant business problems and the module will be assessed by one item of group work, an individual coursework and an oral exam. 
  • People and World Organisations
    In this module we examine several fascinating topics in the area of organisational behaviour including; employee motivation and the various approaches organisations take to try to understand and enhance relationships and performance levels within the work place. You’ll learn how to best work in teams, lead and influence people and how to adapt leadership behaviours in different contexts.
  • Operations Management
    In this module you will gain a detailed understanding of how operations management contributes to business competitiveness. We examine the theories and approaches to effective planning and the organising of production and manufacturing processes, as well as those associated with the provision of services. With case studies and an innovative simulation challenge you’ll benefit from a highly-applied learning experience.
  • Ethics in Academic Practice
    This module provides an introduction to the Academic Offence framework. By completing the resources you will understand the key principles underpinning the submission of academic assignments. These principles can then be applied to the rest of the modules studied at the university.
  • The Aston Global Advantage
    The Aston Global Advantage is our professional development programme that runs throughout all MSc programmes at Aston Business School. Focusing on professional development and employability, this integrated module gives you the opportunity to identify, develop and apply the key transferrable skills you will gain throughout the year. 
  • Business Project or Dissertation 
    The Business Project/Dissertation is a chance for you to carry out an original piece of work applying material that you have learnt in the taught element of your degree. Specific requirements will be explained relating to different degree programmes but in summary you must demonstrate both theoretical and practical knowledge of your chosen area of specialism.

Optional Modules
Tailor the course to suit you. You can select two modules from one of the following groups:
Group A

  • Economic Environment of Business
    We focus on key economic concepts and principles that are most useful for businesses and managers. Throughout this module we stress their application in an international context, drawing on their real-world significance and the importance of communicating economic ideas in a clear and precise manner. Through this module you will understand the significance of economics in a globalised world.
  • Entrepreneurial Strategies
    “Entrepreneurship is an ongoing practice of creating opportunities taking smart action learning and iterating and using a portfolio of skills to navigate an ever changing world” (Neck 2018).
  • International Business Strategy
    This module aims to broaden and deepen your knowledge of the key issues and activities involved in international business strategy. In addition this module aims to develop skills related to interpreting and analysing complex real-world issues using theoretical perspectives concepts and models. The emphasis will be on using theory to inform practice and addressing real-world complex problems.
  • Management of Innovation
    This module introduces you to key concepts and models of innovation management and guides you through their critical evaluation. Using recent real-world cases the module develops your ability to analyse innovation management of business organisations in practice and to formulate and communicate innovation-based strategies for both short- and long-term successes.

Group B

  • International Finance (Only offered to students starting in September)
    In this module you’ll explore the role of international financial markets, the financial problems faced by firms when undertaking international trade and investments and the financial strategies used by multinational firms to alleviate financial and political risks. We use theory and practical examples to give you an understanding of these financial issues facing firms and investors when firms operate internationally.
  • Business Finance (Only offered to students starting in September)
    In this module you will learn the key principles and challenges of financial management decisions, develop an understanding of the characteristics influencing factors and the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of financing. You'll also apply mathematical techniques to support a range of business decisions such as the valuation of shares and the evaluation of investment opportunities.

Group C

  • Marketing Channels and Strategic Sales Force Management
    This module addresses theoretic and contemporary practitioner issues surrounding the fields of channels of distribution and sales force management.  These areas are highly important to the marketing selling and distribution of goods in both domestic and international markets.
  • Digital Marketing
    You will produce a strategic understanding of the opportunities provided by digital marketing and the challenges of preparing and formulating successful digital strategies. This module evaluates the role of digital media in marketing strategy and how new technologies can be embraced for marketing purposes. It evaluates the impact of web based innovations on marketing and consumer behaviour.
  • International Marketing Management
    This module evaluates how organisations operate in the global marketing environment. The module critically explores theories/concepts relating to the global marketing environment international marketing activities and decisions. Implications for international marketing strategies and actions are also considered through a number of relevant case-studies and practical materials.

Group D

  • International Operations
  • Managing Multi-Organisational Enterprises and Enterprise Systems
    This module focuses on operations and supply chain management aspects, concerning organisations involved in the provision of complex and innovative product-service solutions that require multi-organisational collaborations. In this context organisations seek to develop joint activities where partners engage in the systematic delivery of processes with common enterprise goals for one-stop product-service offers.
  • Quality Management
  • Strategic Global Outsourcing and Offshoring
    This module offers a broad perspective on contemporary issues related to outsourcing and offshoring of strategic IT and business service functions. During the module we examine the major theories guiding outsourcing decisions and governance. We also evaluate the role of emerging technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence and robotic process automation) and industry trends (e.g. servitisation) on global outsourcing.

Group E

  • Employee Relations in Context
    Relationships matter within organizations. You will often find the main reasons for people leaving a role is down to poor relationships with manager or peers. Here we look at the way organizations can improve working relationships reduce employee turnover and enhance employee satisfaction.
  • Learning and Talent Development
    For most organisations their biggest expense comes from their people. During this module you will learn differing views on how to best develop people and ensure they add value to an organisation. We also look at talent management and succession planning approaches for getting capable people into more senior positions.

Group F   

  • Global Ethics Human Rights Responsibilities in Business
  • Strategic Business Sustainability
    This module looks at how sustainable development as a process can lead to a certain level of sustainability within an organisational context. It places sustainability within the strategic orientation of an organisation and as such as it takes a view of sustainability both in the short-term as well as in the long-term.
  • CSR, Sustainable Development and Public Policy
    Topics of this module are complex and this complexity make this module unique. With growing awareness on issues such as modern slavery and climate change almost everyone has now heard of these topics and hold views and opinions. At the core these are applied topics with implications for individual’s businesses societies and economies. Your learning will be very relevant.

Group G

  • Corporate Governance Regulation and Compliance
  • Intellectual Property Strategy and Management   
     This module will look at intellectual property strategy and management exploring intellectual property rights relevant to an innovative business. This will allow you to practice your understanding of the strategy and strategic management and valuation in commercialising these valuable rights.
Learning, teaching and assessment

Thanks to our expertise and experience in education and effective teaching methods, we’ve developed an innovative approach for this course.

As well as learning key theories and concepts, you’ll learn in a practical way to enhance your understanding of this subject area. There’s a variety of hands-on activities where you can apply what you’ve learnt to solve commercial problems, including case studies, business simulations and skills workshops. We also draw on technology to help us to engage with students through gamification and augmented reality. This applied approach will help to improve your understanding and enhance your employability.

Our online learning platform will support you with your studies. It has all the digital resources you need when revising, including lecture slides, access e-books and online journals, as well as video recordings of teaching sessions. Your lecturers will also be on hand to offer one-to-one support with any topics you have difficulty with.

We use a mix of assessment methods. There’s exams, coursework, group work and presentations designed to test your understanding of key topics.

Classroom activities

Operations Management simulation game – This exciting and challenging computer simulation game puts you in the role of an operations manager for a clothing manufacturing company. In stages you’ll take control of various parts of the business, including managing the production process, ordering stock, handling shipping, hiring and allocation of staff and bidding for contracts. In the final phase of the game, you’ll have control over all areas of operations and you’ll compete against other students to maximise the profitability of your company. Do you have what it takes your run a successful business?

Accounting for Non-Financial Managers business simulation – This team-based competitive business simulation allows you to practice the application of accounting concepts. You’ll also gain experience of interpreting and analysing financial information. The exercise includes tasks such as, assessing financial statements, preparing budget and applying financial concepts to support management decision-making. The winning team will be the one who has created the most value for their business.

People in World Organisations video pitch - As part of your assessment, you’ll work with a small group of fellow students to deliver a short video presentation. You’ll be pitching a plan to the director of a company with the aim of improving employee motivation. You need to identify the causes of this lack of engagement and enthusiasm in the workplace. Then building on different motivational framework you’re taught, you will develop an intervention plan to help the organisation.

The Aston Global Advantage

More than a masters

The Aston Global Advantage is an integrated module which runs throughout your course. Focusing on professional development and employability, this module gives you the opportunity to identify, develop and apply the key skills you will gain throughout the year. You'll have the opportunity to:

  • Develop your academic skills
  • Build a portfolio of professional business skills
  • Study abroad with one of our international partners, undertake an internship placement in the UK or overseas or get involved in a global business challenge simulation.
Student experience and employability

Overseas opportunities

We benefit from an extensive network of partner institutions, including some of the highest ranked business schools in the world, such as Kedge Business School in France.


We believe that a work placement taken as part of your masters programme can be hugely beneficial to your career prospects. It will enhance your CV and give you a competitive advantage when applying for graduate roles.

As part of this course you’ll have the opportunity to undertake a work placement. You can spend from one month to 12 months with a company of your choice, in the UK or overseas. You’ll apply what you’ve learnt on a daily basis and gain valuable professional experience.

Our students have been successful in gaining work placements in a wide variety of business sectors, both in the UK and internationally. 

You’ll also have the unique opportunity to support start-up businesses and local SMEs with real-life business projects through our Aston Business Clinic. You can work to solve strategic problems for companies, making a real impact on these growing businesses whilst adding key achievements to your CV.

Our careers team will be on hand to help you find work placements and graduate positions. The team can also lend their expertise to assist you with your CV and interview technique.

Trips and visits

Our MSc Business and Management students recently had the chance to visit Villa Park, the home of Aston Villa Football Club. This social event was a great success as students got to know one another, learn more about British culture and its passion for football. There’s also been group narrow boat tours of Birmingham’s famous canal network. This is a fantastic chance to learn about the industrial heritage of the city and see some its top tourist attractions.

Your module leaders will also organise a series of guest lectures for you. A range of experienced professionals, from business consultants to CEOs will give you with an insight into various areas within the field of business and management. This will give you a real-world, practical understanding of how business works, and the challenges they face. It’s also a great opportunity to network and make professional contacts.


Study or work in another country

The University has secured Erasmus+ mobility funding for students going on placement during the academic year 2019/20.  For students planning their placement in the academic year 2020/21, Erasmus+ mobility funding will be dependent on the Exit date and whether a Withdrawal deal is agreed. The University’s Brexit information page is regularly being updated and will have the latest information.   

What our graduates say

Khaled Ahmed
MSc Business and Management

Watch the whole interview to find out more about his experiences on this course.

"I met with a diverse group of individuals from all around the world. I felt right at home at Aston University and miss the experience to this day."

Ajmere Panesar 
Pricing Associate, Merck Serono

"Aston has helped me to expand the scope of my business expertise and provided me with an environment for personal growth. I believe that my Aston experience has absolutely helped to prepare me for my future career."

Fang-Hsing Miao

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