What are degree apprenticeships?

Degree apprenticeships offer an alternative route to higher education for both school leavers and those already established in their careers.

Apprentices will spend 80% of their time at work and the remaining 20% is spent working towards a degree. Degree apprenticeships recognise that not everybody loves the classroom experience. Instead, our learners will gain new skills through engaging workshops on campus and assignments that directly relate to the apprentices’ job roles which are supported by online webinars and lectures to provide the theory that explains how things work in practice.

Degree apprentices also learn in the workplace. As they build their knowledge and understanding they will be able to implement their learning to their day to day role improving their performance. Through the support of coaches and mentors apprentices will grow professionally and personally from day one of their apprenticeship.

How you will benefit


I'm a student

University has always been a great option for those looking to develop their knowledge and boost their career prospects, but a degree apprenticeship could be a better choice for you.

Debt-free degree

Tuition fees are 100% paid for by the employer and the government meaning you will graduate with no student debt.

A recognised qualification

You’ll be awarded a full honours degree just like our students who follow the traditional route.

Professional experience

You’ll graduate with up to five years of quality work experience giving you a competitive edge.

Earn while you learn

You’ll be paid a competitive full time salary when you join an organisation as a degree apprentice.

I'm currently employed

It’s a common misconception that apprenticeships are just for school leavers. An Aston degree apprenticeship gives those who are already established in their career the opportunity to build their knowledge, grow their career and gain a degree level qualification.

No fees to pay

If your employer pays the apprenticeship levy, your tuition fees will be covered by your work and the government.

A recognised qualification

We offer degree apprenticeships that cover a range of qualifications including undergraduate degrees, masters degrees, postgraduate diplomas and MBAs.

Get accredited

Many of our degree apprenticeships are accredited by professional bodies or will prepare you for professional exams.

Boost your career

You will develop professional skills and grow in confidence driving your career forward as you become even more valued in your organisation.

Part time study

There’s no need to take a career break to go back to education. You’ll study alongside your day job and be given 20% of your working time to dedicate to your studies.

Become an innovator

You’ll learn new ways of thinking and the practical skills to start embedding positive changes that make a real difference to your organisation.

Earn while you learn

You’ll continue to receive your full time salary from your employer while you study for your degree.

I'm an employer

Degree apprenticeships offer you a new way to train your employees to undergraduate or postgraduate degree level without using your learning and development budget. Through the apprenticeship levy, you can fund your employees' professional development to create an efficient and knowledgeable workforce with the skills needed to help your business succeed.

Training that aligns with your strategy

Choose from our growing portfolio of degree apprenticeship to develop skills and knowledge in your organisation that will fulfil your strategic priorities.

Improve your networks

We have degree apprentices studying with us based in organisations across the UK, so your learners will become part of a network of professionals across a broad spectrum of sectors.

Our apprenticeships address skills shortages

We work in partnership with industry and accrediting bodies to offer degree apprenticeships specially created to fill the skill gaps in your sector.

Drive innovation and boost creativity

Degree apprentices are taught by industry experts and learn from the latest research and its practical applications, bringing your business new skills and cutting edge strategies.

Improve your productivity

Our management programmes will train your workforce to reach their potential. In a government survey, 78% of employers said that apprentices had improved their productivity.

Your people, your way

Through elective modules, specialist pathways and even private programmes, we can customise our offer to suit your organisation’s needs.

Cost effective

Degree apprenticeship tuition fees are covered by your apprenticeship levy, saving you money on traditional training courses.

Retain your top performers

Reward high performing employees and keep them loyal to your organisation by investing in their professional development.

Attract new talent

Enrich your team with new ideas, creative thinking and diverse insight by hiring fresh talent who are looking to launch their careers.

Apprentices are useful from day one

Degree apprentices spend the majority of their time at work so they can implement their new skills and knowledge straight away, adding real value to your business.


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