The benefits of becoming an apprentice

It's a common misconception that apprenticeships are just for young people who want to learn a trade. A degree apprenticeship is a programme that both new and existing staff can undertake to build skills and knowledge while developing their career.

Debt-free degree

You won't have to pay a penny of your tuition fees as they are covered by your employer and the government.

Full honours degree

You'll attend a graduation ceremony where you'll be awarded a full honours degree like all Aston graduates.

Climb the career ladder

Develop the professional skills and confidence needed to become a future leader in your organisation.

Part-time study

Learning fits around work and personal commitments, with online teaching and occasional sessions on campus.

Become an innovator

You'll learn new skills and knowledge directly related to your organisation that will transform the way you work.

Get accredited

Many of our programmes are accredited by professional bodies or will prepare you for professional exams.

Earn while you learn

You'll continue to receive a full-time salary from your employer while you study for your degree.

Top talent

With your new professional skills and knowledge, you'll become even more valued in your organisation.

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