The benefits of degree apprenticeships

Traditionally apprenticeships have been about developing your employees’ operational skills and capabilities for trade roles. Degree apprenticeships will transform your staff into skilled professionals capable of becoming future leaders within the organisation.

Degree apprenticeships offer you a new way to train your employees to undergraduate or postgraduate degree level without using your Learning and Development budget. Using the apprenticeship levy, you can fund your employees' professional development to create an efficient and knowledgeable workforce with the skills needed to help your business succeed.

The benefits of degree apprenticeships for your organisation

Apprentices are useful from day one

Degree apprentices spend the majority of their time at work so they can implement their new skills and knowledge straight away, adding value to your business.

Our apprenticeships address skills shortages

We work in partnership with industry and accrediting bodies to offer degree apprenticeships specially created to fill the skill gaps in your sector.

Drive innovation and boost creativity

Degree apprentices are taught by experts and learn from the latest research and its practical applications bringing your business new skills and cutting edge strategies.

Improve your productivity

Our management programmes will train your workforce to reach their potential. The ONS found that a 0.1% increase in management expertise caused a 9.6 % increase in productivity.

Created for your people

Through optional modules, specialist pathways and even private programmes, we can customise our offer to suit your organisation’s needs.

Shape your own graduates

We will work with you to recruit fresh talent to your organisation that will bring new ideas and add diversity to your workforce.

Retain your top performers

Reward high performing employees and keep them loyal to your organisation. 92 per cent of employers said that apprenticeships lead to a motivated and satisfied workforce (CEBR).

Cost effective training solution

Degree apprenticeship tuition fees are covered by your levy allowance, saving you money on traditional training courses.

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