Katies story
Katies story
Elle's story

"My degree apprenticeship proved to me how determined I am and showed me how I can tackle any subject and succeed. I believe this has taught me to be more resilient and I know that if I put the hard work in I can achieve anything. I've come a long way since I started at Capgemini and I'm now working at a senior level managing graduates. I credit this to the attitude I developed through the apprenticeship programme."

Elle Hornby
Degree apprenticeship graduate, Capgemini
Philip's story

"My degree apprenticeship has informed my knowledge and my practice, particularly giving names to things I might have done instinctively before. I've also gained a lot of experience/confidence and this has progressed my career much faster than if I wasn't on the apprenticeship scheme."

Philip Hardwick
Degree apprentice graduate, Capgemini
Matt's story

"My degree apprenticeship has given me the perfect leg-up into the industry by allowing me to gain experience from day one. It's also giving me the chance to acquire a degree level education so that I'll never run the risk of losing out on future opportunities based on a lack of qualifications."

Matt Gill
Degree apprentice, Payara
Liz's story

"Developing my skills and knowledge further has been great. I’m enjoying the challenges of education and I know my apprenticeship will give me the ability to help my patients even more than I can now.”

Liz Barker
Degree apprentice at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

"My degree apprenticeship has been everything I expected and more. One of the key things I was looking for when researching degree apprenticeship was a company that I saw myself staying with for a long period of time, and I can definitely say how much I already love working at Anglian Water."

Adam Cook
Digital and Technology Solutions degree apprentice at Anglian Water
Katie's story

"Apprenticeships aren’t just about making tea and coffee. You’re given a real job with real responsibility right from the onset. I was lucky enough to meet the Prime Minister earlier this year to talk about apprenticeships and STEM subjects. I was also lucky enough to help with an event in Washington DC."

Katie Bradbury
Degree Apprentice, Microsoft


Lucy's story

"Studying an MBA will allow me to be the best that I can be in my current role and allow me to develop myself at a higher level. My MBA will also diversify me from other candidates when applying for future roles and progression opportunities."

Lucy Swindle
Shift Manager: Operations at James Walker & Co Ltd and Management of Manufacturing MBA
Martyn's story

"Through my MBA I’ll gain an improved financial understanding and a better business head to make effective decisions when running my businesses. Should I decide to one day relinquish my role in this area of business having a recognised business qualification could allow me to work elsewhere."

Martyn Thomas
Executive Apprenticeship MBA apprentice at Specsavers
Salla's story

“In addition to a recognised qualification, I am hoping to gain new knowledge, experiences, expertise in my field and business contacts. I am hoping the studies together with the Aston Edge professional development will develop me as a leader and a thinker through positive challenges.”

Salla Virman
Executive Apprenticeship MBA apprentice at Arts Council England
Tom's story

The MBA will supplement my engineering background with strong skills in areas such as finance, marketing, strategy and leadership and to apply this directly within my work at the MTC. The skills and knowledge I will develop through the MBA will allow me to make the next step in my career.

Tom Driscoll
Management of Manufacturing MBA apprentice at the Manufacturing Technology Centre
Mark's story

"The MBA program has a strong reputation, recently featuring highly in the CEO Magazine review of global Executive, MBA and distance learning MBAs, and scoring highly in all categories. The opportunity to participate in a globally recognised program is highly attractive."

Mark Trueman
Head of Scientific Operations at CBRE GWS and Executive Apprenticeship MBA
Ashley's story

"I decided to study for an MBA as part of my continuous professional development. As my background is rooted in the workplace rather than academically, this would allow me to build on my accountancy qualification to give me a more rounded view of strategic thinking and develop my leadership skills as I continue my career progression."

Ashley Hodgson
Commercial Finance Manager at Computershare and Executive Apprenticeship MBA
Daniel's story

"Due to the high amount of cross-functional networking I have on a daily basis, I wanted to better understand the behavioural attributes of individuals and how to manage them more effectively. I recognise that being emotionally intelligent is also important. I believe the Management of Manufacturing MBA will allow me to further build on my emotional intelligence and managerial responsibilities to adapt in these environments."

Daniel Warrington
Management of Manufacturing MBA apprentice at Doncasters Precision Castings

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