How to apply for a degree apprenticeship
To join one of our degree apprenticeship programmes you need to be in employment and have the support of your employer. If you're already in employment, take a look at our employee information.

If you aren't currently employed, follow these steps:

Find an apprenticeship vacancy

To be offered a place on one of our degree apprenticeship programmes, you need to be employed and have your employer's approval. If you aren't currently working, the best way to join us is by searching for suitable apprenticeship opportunities. Here are two great places to start:

Apply for a role

When you find a vacancy that appeals to you, you'll need to make an application to the employer and not through UCAS or Aston University.

Each employer has a different application process, so it is best to take a look through their recruitment information online to see what is expected of you.

Meet the employer's requirements

The application process often consists of multiple stages that you will need to pass before a company will offer you a position. This can include, an online application, a telephone interview, aptitude testing, a Skype or face to face interview and an assessment centre.

The employer may also have their own entry requirements in terms of qualifications, so if you haven't already taken your exams, you will need to make sure you achieve the necessary grades.

What next?

If your application is successful and an employer wants to offer you a role, they will pass your application on to us at Aston University. We'll then invite you to complete our application form so we can begin the enrolment process.If you meet all the necessary requirements you will be then be offered a degree apprenticeship place.