What is a degree apprenticeship?

Degree apprenticeships are the new way to get the work experience you need for a successful career. Put simply, you'll work while you study for your degree.

You'll apply for a degree apprenticeship vacancy from a wide range of employers and you'll spend most of your time working and gaining a wealth of professional experience. 

You'll spend 20% of your time working towards your degree through on-campus study days, online learning such as webinars through our virtual learning environment, work shadowing, mentoring and work-based projects. The benefit is that you immediately see how theory works in practice.

What are the benefits?


Debt-free degrees

Tuition fees are 100% paid for by the employer and the government meaning you will graduate with no student debt.

Full honours degree

A recognised qualification

Degree apprentices will be awarded a full honours degree just like students who follow the traditional university route.

Continue to work full-time

Get ahead of the competition

Degree apprentices graduate with up to five years of quality work experience giving them an edge when it comes to furthering their career.

Full-time salary

Earn while you learn

Not only are there no fees, apprentices get paid a full-time salary by their employer while they work and study.